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How to Become a Landscape Gardener

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Being a gardener can mean many different things.

Do you love designing outdoor spaces and creating stunning plans? Then maybe you could look at being a landscape designer.

Are you a green-fingered plant enthusiast who enjoys choosing the perfect flowers for a garden? Then you could be a traditional gardener, focusing on planting.

If you like the physical graft of performing structural tasks such as laying a patio, decking an area, levelling a garden, and more, then maybe landscape gardening is for you.

If that is the case, then we have the perfect opportunity for you to join our team at The Southwest London Gardener.

But first, let’s delve into more detail about just what landscape gardening means.

What is Landscape Gardening?

Every good gardening team needs people who are trained in gardening and landscaping.

So, what is the difference between the two?

Well, when a garden is renovated, it involves many different things. Whereas a gardener will focus on growing, planting and harvesting the plants of the garden, a landscape will focus on elements such as pathways, fences, features, as well as creating space and planting trees and shrubs.

There are two types of landscaping:

Soft Landscaping

The softer side of landscaping contains implementing living elements into a garden. This can contain plants, trees, as well as turf and grass. Some projects that we have worked on that focused on soft landscaping are this nature lover’s garden in Clapham and the addition of a new lawn in this child-friendly garden in Streatham Hill.

To become an expert in soft landscaping, you must have a knowledge of plants and their nature.

Another important part of soft landscaping is focussing on a design and ensuring that all the soft landscaping that takes place fits the brief and is sure to look great when your work grows.

Hard Landscaping

This involves working with harder objects, such as wood and stone. Some examples of hard landscaping we do is in this contemporary garden in Barnes, which involved building a home office space, as well as this modern garden renovation that took place between the commons.

To become an expert in hard landscaping, it is handy to know one, or more, trades, such as glass and brickwork, for example we created a brick patio in this garden renovation in Putney.

Other materials hard landscapers work with are glass and wood, and the work can range from large features such as greenhouses and home offices to smaller features such as garden accessories and benches.

The Skills Needed to Become a Landscape Gardener

So, what does it take to be a landscape gardener?

Well, here are five essential skills that would make you great for this role.

1. Attention to Detail

A lot of landscaping involves working from a plan.

Especially in smaller gardens, every millimetre counts, so it is vital that you have a great attention to detail.

When building structures, especially ones containing joints such as features made from wood, being able to measure and cut accurately are essential. Also, paying lots of notice to the plan is vital as if you don’t pay attention and go off-plan, it can throw off the design of the whole garden.

2. Physically Fit

Landscaping isn’t an easy job.

Lifting heavy objects, digging up plants and turf, as well as sawing wood and mixing concrete are all jobs that require a good deal of physical fitness.

Making sure that you can keep up with the demands of the job, and that you can always stay on track with the client agreement is a huge part of the job, so you must have a certain degree of fitness to be able to excel in this role.

3. Knowledge of a Trade

Having a knowledge of a trade is a huge plus in both soft and hard landscaping. If you can go to college and get a degree in working with plants, then you can excel in soft landscaping.

If you are well qualified in a trade such as joinery, brickwork, or masonry, this would be a huge benefit to a hard landscaping role.

Building a structure isn’t simple, so knowing how the materials and devices work is a great start to a career in landscaping.

4. Great Customer Service

One element of being a gardener that is often overlooked is client management.

When undergoing a project, you are working on a customer’s garden, and it is vital that you speak to the customer in the right way, as well as making sure you stick to their brief.

Customer service is a great quality to have and is an essential part of becoming a brilliant landscape gardener.

5. A Passion for Nature

The whole team at The Southwest London Gardener have a deep passion for the environment.

Being a landscape gardener is the ideal role for someone who has a real passion for nature, and who loves nothing more than getting their hands dirty and getting stuck in.

If you can truly appreciate the benefits that the work you do can have on local wildlife and the environment then you are tailor made to be a landscape gardener.

The Best Things About Being a Landscape Gardener

If you’ve read the above and think that you would make the ideal person for the job, then that’s great.

If you need more persuading that becoming a landscape gardener is the perfect next step in your career, then here are the three top benefits of doing this job.

  • A great sense of achievement – There’s no better feeling than sitting back at the end of the day and being proud of the work you have done. Seeing the look on the client’s face and admiring the look of an exciting new garden renovation is brilliant and makes all of the hard work that you have put into the months and weeks that the job is taken definitely worth it.
  • Be part of a team – Working with some great people who share your passion for the great outdoors is really rewarding. There’s nothing better than a catch-up in the morning, sitting down for dinner and admiring the mornings work at midday, and building relationships through our gardening projects. We love working with our team, and we’re sure you would too.

Join the Southwest London Gardener Team Today!

If you’ve read this blog and you think you’d love to become a landscape gardener, then why not get in touch and join the team at The Southwest London Gardener?

No matter what your ability, we have some great roles available for landscape gardeners today, so take a look and start your future career with us.