Landscape Garden Design in South West London

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SWLG is looking for great landscapers & gardeners to create fantastic gardens in SW London postcodes.

People with a passion to do more; to learn more; to earn more; to feel you’ve done a great job; to provide creative gardening solutions; to be of great service; to go the extra mile.

We want people with gardening knowledge and experience. We are looking for people with initiative and energy.

You may already be gardening or landscaping in your own business but think running a business is getting in the way of your creativity. You may just have taken a gardening or landscaping qualification. You may be a passionate home gardener or a DIY enthusiast. You may be working in the wrong place. You may have been a great gardener and moved on.

We have opportunities for you to garden in your own dedicated postcode working with SWLG. SWLG will provide marketing, administration, plants, pots, composts and irrigation systems. You will provide the great gardening and together we will build great gardens.

Have a good look around our website, is this you?

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