The South West London Gardener

Contemporary Garden, Barnes, SW13

Our clients had been living in the area for some time in rented accommodation planning what started out as a renovation but became a full property rebuild.

Our brief was to create a garden space connecting with the newly created contemporary home, integrating with the adjoining gardens and providing an outside space with natural planting – a space that you would be ‘IN’ the garden enjoying the fresh air, scents, textures and connection with nature, a place to embrace family and friends and a safe environment for children.

The garden was to be framed in a new block work wall which would be rendered and painted in a very specific sky blue. Part of the property development included a glass bridge from the public exit from the house over a void leading to the basement and connecting to the garden. On crossing the bridge to the garden it felt natural to stop and look back at the large glazed areas drawing you back to the house. It was obvious that this had to be an area of the garden design where a stopping and seating space should be created. A semi-circular matching rendered wall incorporating planting space and and attached wooden seating area was created fronted by Fifestone tiles. The rear of the garden was to have a sunken trampoline and an adjacent football play area and this, together with the central part of the garden would have high quality, lush artificial lawn laid. The remainder of the central garden space had a further 2 semi-circular block work rendered and painted beds formed. The planting was to be semi formal, structured, lush and textured with plants chosen to encourage biodiversity, ease of maintenance and of course loved by our clients.

The overall result is a contemporary garden with bold features which enhance the new home and importantly encourage our clients and family to be in it and get the most out of their new, natural environment.

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