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Garden Renovation Putney, SW15

The recent acquisition of this family home had come with a significant outdoor space. However, during a lengthy sales process, the garden had been neglected and become significantly overgrown.

The space however, presented good structure and was home to some potentially stunning specimen plants and trees along with a non functioning pond with a red maple within and a rockery with a central fir tree.

The garden consisted of many sections all connected by a ‘yellow brick winding path’ which the clients wanted to retain, however having young children they wanted to maximise the space to plant (the family being keen gardeners), to play, to socialise and dine.

We replaced the lawn, reconditioned some of plants including pruning the shrubs and trees, weeding and clearing all areas enabling us to reveal the true space.  Around the new turf we formed a matching brick border from bricks we had sourced to match with those to the rear of the property, which connected with the winding path which we cleaned and regrouted and replaced the pond pump.  

This then lead to them agreeing to construct a curved patio in the middle of the garden to complement the winding path.  We sourced yellow London bricks to match as best as possible and created a further seating area.

 The result was a space for all to enjoy safely with secret hideaways for the children, space to eat al fresco whilst retaining charm and character and ample greenery.

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