The South West London Gardener

Plant Reconditioning Southwest London

The Southwest London Gardener provides plant reconditioning. Plant reconditioning is the process of taking your plants from what they are to what they should be. Plant reconditioning is making sure your plants are the best they can be. Servicing areas around Southwest London. 

We provide the following care at a cost per gardener of £60 per hour + VAT (minimum 4 hours) or £450 per day + VAT.

Cutting Back Your Plants

Part of plant reconditioning is cutting back your plants. Depending on the time of year you need to start pruning, this is particularly common in Autumn. However different plants need different services, this is what The Southwest London Gardener are here for. Cutting back your plants can make them healthier and last longer.

Shaping Your Plants

Shaping your plants helps your plants stop from overgrowing. Shrubs and bushes tend to be the most common and noticeable plant that needs shaping. The Southwest London Gardener is careful to not cut too close and will remove conflicting or crossing branches.

Feeding Your Plants

Plant nutrition is important and if you aren’t a professional you may overlook what plants need to for them to grow the best they can.

The Southwest Gardeners are experienced in using fertilisers to improve plant growth rates and in boosting flowering and yields. However you can get most nutrients in the soil you already have, we can advise and help you get the most nutrients out of your soil.

Relocating Garden Plants

Moving a plant includes breaking roots, we can extract your plants and place them in a new location ensuring your plants won’t die and can grow straight away. We can also plant more plants as part of our soft landscaping service.

Improving Your Soil

Plants need to be in good soil conditions for the plants to give the best results. The Southwest London Gardener can improve your soil by using compost/manure, and by removing debris and weeds.

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