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Do you need help maintaining your garden? The Southwest London Gardener can help you! We offer a variety of garden services in Wandsworth such as garden maintenance, garden design, landscaping, and plant sourcing.

Our goal is to help you adapt to working from home and create a sociable space that’s safe for children.

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Twickenham pergola

Wandsworth Landscapers

Our team offer a professional landscaping service throughout Wandsworth.
We have trained experts in both hard and soft landscaping.
But what do I mean when I saw hard and soft?
Well, the best way to decipher between the two is to think about what you’re building, and what materials you are using to do so. Are you creating a garden path out of wooden decking? Then you’re doing a bit of hard landscaping.
Are you using softer materials, such as planting flowers in a garden bed? Then that’s soft landscaping.
No matter which service you require, our team of Wandsworth landscape gardeners can help.
These two forms of landscaping are great, but work best when used together. A wooden pergola sitting at the end of the garden with a lovely green lawn underneath it and maybe even some wrapping plants accessorising it. That’s an example of using both soft and hard landscaping and how it can transform your Wandsworth garden.

So if you’re looking for a friendly local team, then get in touch with us today.

Wandsworth Garden Designers

The design stage of a garden transformation is arguable the most important. This is the process where we take stock and formulate a plan. We take into account budget, time restraints, and work to build the garden of your dreams right in front of your eyes.
Garden design isn’t easy. Many Wandsworth gardens may be lacking in size, and this makes having a meticulously drawn design even more important as we aim to maximise your outside space and fit in all of your desired features.
Our garden design team have been working in this industry for years, and know what makes a great garden. They will get to know you and your preferences, and work with you to formulate a plan of how you want your garden to look. After that, our team can get in and begin to bring your ideas to life.

Tidying Up Your Wandsworth Garden

We know how hard it can be to keep on top of your gardening. Especially when the colder weather comes, the wind gets stronger, and the nights draw in.
If you’re planning on adding a new lease of life to your garden then we are the team to help, whether it’s cutting back some bushes, removing green waste (we do this sustainably), or removing dead plants and replacing them with new ones, our team has the skills and expertise to come in and help.
We know that not everyone loves or can care for their garden, and that’s why we can come in and do this for you..
Before you know it, you’ll be proud to show off your wonderful Wandsworth garden.
If this sounds like a service that will benefit you, then get in touch today!