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Garden Irrigation and Garden Watering Systems

At Southwest London Gardener we have specialists who can help with planning and designing your garden watering systems in Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Putney, Richmond, Twickenham and SW postcodes. We can help get water to where it is needed, when and in the correct quantity.

In fact, we can now offer a revolutionary new garden watering system which can help your recycle rainwater and delight your plants!

Our Garden Watering System

Watering new, small, and as yet unestablished plants is critical to their development. With proper hydration, they will grow and develop.

For most people, the ability to water when necessary requires more time than is usually available. At The Southwest London Gardener we have been installing garden watering systems to all sizes of gardens for many years. We understand what is necessary and have the knowledge and skills to provide a solution.

You have two choices of water sources, mains or rain capture. We can run a garden watering system from your mains supply or we can install a system that captures rainwater, stores it, then makes it available to your garden watering system. Rain capture systems are becoming popular because they use an already available (seen widely in the UK) and free source. 

And more importantly, rain water is absolutely loved by your plants!
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The first step for whatever water source you choose is to design a watering system plan for your garden. This looks at what plants require watering, where they are situated, and how often they will require watering. From here, we can calculate the most effective way of getting the water to the plants. We charge £125 + VAT for this service, which is deducted from the cost of installing your system if you decide to proceed.


From your garden watering system design plan we can calculate a cost of supplying and installing the system. As a guide for a garden of approximately 35 square metres with planting areas around the perimeter, using a mains water source you would expect to pat £975 + VAT. For the same size garden using a rain capture system with above ground water storage, the cost would be approximately £2250 + VAT.


Installation is carried out by people who have an empathy for plants and an understanding of what they require to keep them fit and healthy. As a guide for the above mentioned garden sizes using mains water as a source we would typically install your system within one working day. For a rain capture system for the same size garden it would take around two days.

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Gardening shouldn’t feel like a chore, our watering systems will take the strain out of caring for your plants. Take a look at our previous work and the amazing projects we’ve worked on.