The South West London Gardener

Nature Lover's Water Garden Clapham, SW4

The brief from our client was to keep what was good in this established garden, remove what wasn’t and come up with a theme which would pull it all together whilst at the same time adding long held wishes. There was no desire from our client to have any new hard surfaces but rather to use the existing lawn reshaped into a ‘Winding Path’ leading the visitor from start to finish in a slow meandering and meaningful journey. It’s dual purpose was to create spaces for specific elements of the design. A fruit patch, seating space, a pond, winter flowering space and raised areas. 

Once the design was agreed the whole garden was gone through and all existing plants, pruned, shaped or removed and then the soil was given a nice covering and dig through of good quality manure. Then the build started by installation of a new end of garden focal point fence and replacing broken fence panels. The existing lawn was cut and formed into the winding path creating the planting spaces. Bricks which were already in the garden from a chimney breast removed from the house roof were used to form the base for the seating area with a beautiful wooden bench added. The pond area was dug out and a liner installed. Our client was keen to be part of the plant selection. We spent some time with her visiting local nurseries where selection was made. All planting was then carried out including pond plants. 

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