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Why You Should Use Professional Gardeners and Landscapers in London

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When the new year comes round, you may be staring out of your back window at a garden that looks old and tired.

Maybe you make the decision that this year is the year you’re going to change things and transform your outside space.

So, how do you do it?

Well, you can go it alone, designing and landscaping yourself.

But there is another option.

Using a professional team such as the Southwest London Gardener comes with many benefits, and we’ve created this handy guide to tell you just how we can help.

Let’s take a look.

Is it Worth Hiring a Gardener in London?

Taking a garden and completely renovating it can be hard work.

While it is an exciting venture and one you’re sure to find enjoyment in at points, it is also time-consuming and energy-draining.

While many smaller gardening jobs can be handled yourself, if you want to make big scale changes, it is always a good idea to consult a professional.

Spend a bit of time when locating the perfect team for you, and make sure to check past projects to get an idea of the kind of work your chosen landscapers can do.

While using a professional team does often work out more expensive than doing it yourself, there are plenty of reasons for this.

A gardening and landscaping team bring with them an expertise and gardening know-how that is invaluable, so if you’re thinking of investing in a shovel and wheelbarrow and getting your hands dirty, take a second to look at what hiring a professional can mean for your London garden project first.

5 Benefits of Using a Professional London Landscaping Team

There are many benefits of using a team of experienced garden designers and landscapers, and here are five key ones.

1. Gardening Experience

Something that money can’t buy is experience.

A gardening team will have been doing this for years. They will have worked on small gardens, big gardens, oddly shaped gardens, and much more.

If you name it, they’ve seen it while working on a past project.

This experience is a huge benefit when transforming a garden, as the team will have the knowledge and know how to react to any issues. It will also help when assessing your garden and drawing up the best design to match your vision.

Gardening teams are trained in sticking to budget, and getting a job done on time, so all estimates in this regard will be accurate and clear.

From where to buy the best plants, to the best way of providing some privacy or making the most of a small garden, a team of professionals can ensure the best job is always done.

2. Save Yourself Time and Energy

There’s no two ways about it, gardening is tough.

When you’re undergoing a big project, such as renovating a whole garden, it’s going to be tiring and it’s going to take time.

One of the best things about hiring a team to come in and help you transform your garden is simply that this means you don’t have to do it.

This means that you are free to use your time and energy elsewhere and will be able to rest safe in the knowledge that a great job is being done on your outside space.

When landscaping, there can be a lot of manual tasks that are very demanding. From using heavy materials, to sawing through sleepers or hammering in posts.

If you are not trained in the proper ways to do these things, you run the risk of injuring yourself, which could derail your project and end up making it much longer then it needed to be.

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3. They Already Own the Right Equipment

So, you want to take on a gardening project that involves soft and hard landscaping?

You’re going to need the right tools.

Some tools are common and easily bought, but if you are doing some bigger jobs, you may require more specialist equipment that doesn’t come cheap.

One of the great things about using an established team of landscapers is that they already have all the equipment needed to undertake any project.

Whether you’re wanting garden rooms, water fountains, or deep flower beds, an experienced team will know exactly what tools they will need and be able to source them easily if they don’t already own them.

While undertaking the job solo can seem like a good way to save some pennies while transforming your garden, you can soon start spending more than you expected when you have to buy or loan equipment, so allowing someone who already has it and can include the cost of equipment in a quote, you know exactly what you’re paying and don’t have to worry about unexpected surprises.

4. You Get What You Pay For

With the expertise, equipment, and experience that a professional gardening team has, you’re sure to get a brilliant job every time you choose to use one.

When working alone, there is a much higher chance of things going wrong, or things not turning out as expected.

A professional gardener will be able to stick closely to a well thought out design, not overrunning budget and time, and will only finish the work when you, the customer, are delighted with the final product.

Whenever you start a project, there will be an end goal in mind of how you would like the garden to look.

The best chance of replicating the image in your head into reality is to work with a team who you know will deliver on their promises.

As mentioned earlier, a team of experienced gardeners will have built and transformed many gardens before, so they will know what is achievable and be able to bring your ideas to life.

5. They Have Fresh Ideas

A garden is a blank canvas.

Whether you have lots of space, or you’re working in a small area, there are many different features, styles, and designs of garden that you can use.

If you don’t consult with a professional team, you may miss out on some stunning ideas that you would love when heard.

Professionals are always up to date with latest trends, and garden designers are trained in working out the best ways to use a certain space, so by using a team like this, you get to pick their brains and have access to all of these great ideas.

This can mean that you end with a garden much improved on what the original idea was.

Improvisation and adjustments are key to making sure the final product is as good as it can be, and by using a team of gardeners who can all input on every stage of the project, you’re sure to have access to many more brains than if you worked alone.

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