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southwest london gardener team

The Southwest London Gardener is all about people, connections and teamwork.

We'd like to introduce you to...

Scott set up the business  in 2017 following a long held passion for working with plants gained from earning ‘pocket money’ planting vegetables. He has been connecting with people who want to do something with their garden for nearly 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of ‘what works’.

Mary makes sure our connections with our customers and suppliers are working very well. She also gets involved with project management and ensures what we need is where it needs to be when it is needed. Her specialism is procurement. In addition creativity, if you want something different, a particular type of stone or an amazing water feature, she will find it.

James Southwest London gardener

David is enthusiastic about gardening as well as carpentry. He really enjoys making a difference and seeing what a joy a change in the garden brings as well as meeting new people.

Sam S is our very own lover of the planet and all natural things. He loves working with plants (and befriending the customers’ pets and saving worms) and getting his hands dirty. He also makes sure we recycle everything we can.

matthew morris seo

Matthew has been working on the digital marketing of the website since early 2022. He loves writing blogs on all things gardening and is beginning to attempt some work of his own in his own outside space. He specialises in helping us with our search engine optimisation.