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5 Ways to Use Natural Wood in Your Garden

natural wood fence

Here at The Southwest London Gardener, we are proud to be natural gardeners.

This means that during every job, we try our utmost to make sure the materials and methods we are using are completely natural.

We do this by choosing everything we build with carefully, and recycling when we can, such as on one of our latest projects, when we used reclaimed pavers that we cleaned and restored to great effect.

One of the greatest natural materials to use is wood, and if you want to garden naturally, then here are five ways that you can create a great garden with this versatile material.

Let’s take a look.

The Benefits of Using Natural Wood

Wood is a great material to use in any garden. It is tough, durable, and environmentally-friendly (especially when bought from a sustainable source).

The best thing about wood is that it is totally renewable. This makes it the perfect natural material. It can also easily be cut, painted, and personalised to be used in your garden for a number of uses. When using wood, if you source it correctly, there is a high chance that more wood will be grown in place of the wood you are using, which is part of the beauty of this material.

Not only a great choice for the environment, but wood is also strong, which is a big positive when building garden features. It can be low weight, but this doesn’t mean it is weak. When built correctly, wood can form a solid structure and hold plenty of weight.

Wood also reduces carbon emissions when constructing and using a garden and doesn’t use a lot of energy when manufactured.

Finally, it is very recyclable, and many old bits of wood are still being used today, such as railway sleepers.

When thinking of natural gardening materials, you can’t go wrong with wood, and with that in mind, here are five ways you can use it in your garden.

Twickenham pergola

1. Build a Pergola

A pergola is a great way of creating a feature in your garden.

Easily accessible, a pergola can be wrapped with lights, climbers, flowering plants, or other decorations to really round off an area and provide a relaxing spot with a bit of shade.

A pergola is a simple structure of a building but with no walls and an open roof. This is ideal for a garden where you can still relax in the sun, feel a soft breeze, and really make the most of the summer.

Take a look at this garden in Wimbledon and this one in Wimbledon Common where we added a pergola to really add a stunning touch to a paved seating area, or why not check out this garden in Southfields, where we built a pergola, added some lights, and even attached a swing to add a completely new dimension to the garden.

2. Install a Fence

A massively important section of a garden is the boundary.

This can be made of many materials, including brick, stone, and of course wood.

We love using wood for fencing as it is so versatile and can be used in so many ways. Take a look at this focal point fence we added to our project in Clapham with a design that is really eye-catching.

A wooden fence is easier to put up than many of the alternatives as it is lighter and easier to cut and tailor if needed. It is also easy to paint, so you can design your fence how ever you would like, including painting it in colours that may make your garden look bigger.

This is also a great way of building a stylish perimeter around your front garden.

We use sustainably sourced wood in many of our projects for fencing, including the horizontal beamed fence we added to this garden in Clapham and this project we undertook in Sutton.

natural wood steps

3. Add Some Decking

Adding decking to a garden can make a huge difference.

Whether you’re decking your whole outside space to create an area that is low-maintenance and always sure to look great, or simply creating a small section where you can sit and relax, decking can play a key part in transforming a garden.

Take a look at this renovation we did between the commons, where we decked a full area to make it a modern outside space that followed straight on from the inside.

There are many benefits to adding decking, including levelling ground, creating a beautiful garden zone, increasing the value of your home, and building a space to entertain and socialise.

4. Create Some Furniture

Wood is an ideal material to use for garden furniture.

This could be chairs, tables, benches, storage boxes and more.

Wood is a tool that is commonly seen in your home and garden, and it is always a good choice to look to recycle old bits instead of throwing them away. Turning old bits of wood into furniture such as tables and chairs is a great way of making sure all of your furniture is sustainable.

By using wood that is sustainably sourced (always look for an FSC certificate) you are sure that the materials you’re using are natural and renewable, and that makes them a great choice for any garden.

Bamboo is a great choice to use as it is really renewable. Again, the way that wood can easily be cut and shaped makes it perfect for getting creative and designing furniture that is comfortable and fits your seating area, and the people using it.

final garden shot

5. Construct a Garden Room

Something that is rapidly growing in popularity is a garden room.

Since the rise of remote working, plus ever growing costs for home extensions, the idea of having extra space in your garden that you can use for storage, relaxing, working, or even exercising, is understandably becoming more popular.

A garden room is a big structure, and you may require planning permission some professional assistance to build one, but wood is a great choice for the prominent material when you do.

Whether building a summer house, garden room, or just a shed, once you have your frame, all of the walls can be built using wood. In fact, for many of the smaller structures, such as a shed, this is ideal.

A garden room can increase the value of your home by 5-10%, which can be a huge rise in some areas.

They are also a great place to enjoy your garden, with no fear of rain getting you wet or the wind making you feel a bit chilly.

Once you build your frame, it is just a case of adding the walls and roof, and you can’t go wrong with using a natural material like wood for this.

Check out this project we did in Barnes, which featured a really modern garden room that was really spacious, or this Wandsworth garden in which we completely built and installed a lovely garden room to be used as a year round workspace.

Natural London Gardeners

We are a team of natural landscapers in London, and we love using sustainable and organic materials in all of our gardens.

If you are looking to transform your space, or simply want us to come in and install a feature or just tidy things up a bit, then get in touch with our team today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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