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7 Tips on How to Make a Small London Garden Look Bigger

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If you live in a built-up area such as Twickenham, Wandsworth or other parts of London, you may not always have a large garden.

Though your garden may be small, it doesn’t always have to feel that way.

Through some visual tricks and gardening tips, you can transform your little outdoor space into a large one.

And the best news?

You can start right away.

Let’s take a look.

1. Focus on the Fences

Some of the key things that can make a garden feel small are walls and fences.

A garden feels small when it is closed in by an overbearing perimeter.

But there is a way around this.

By making your boundary a light colour, you can make your garden look much bigger than the four walls that surround it.

When thinking about what colour fence paint makes gardens look bigger, there are many options to choose from, but a good choice is sky blue or light cream.

These colours are reflective so will enhance the space in your garden, as well as provide a breezy and light feel to your surroundings.

If you love some plants in your garden, green fences are also a great option and can provide a great backdrop for your flower beds and bushes.

There are some colours you should steer away from, such as dark colours like black that will draw your garden in. It is also best to avoid something really bright.

To make your garden look bigger, your walls and fences should blend into the garden and the sky beyond it. Anything that stands out too much may have the opposite effect.

2. Plant Vertically

Since people were stuck inside their homes during the lockdown, the passion for gardening has blossomed (pardon the pun).

But what if you don’t have much space to add flower beds, or an area to grow vegetables.

If you can’t plant horizontal, then it’s time to go vertical.

Any wall or fence can be used to grow many things, from cabbage and cucumbers to spinach and strawberries.

By putting planters on walls, or embracing plants that grow up instead of sideways, you are maximising the growing space available to you, as well as leaving most of the surface area of your garden free to design how you would like.

Whether using a garden trellis, putting planters on your wall, or simply planting high and tall plants such as bamboo and perennials, you can be sure to spread colour and life throughout your garden, no matter the size.

3. Create an Appropriate Garden Design

So, you have your garden, and you have your equipment. Now all you want to do is get your hands dirty and have a garden renovation.

Now isn’t the time to get to work though.

First you need a design.

Creating a design that fits your garden well is the platform for a successful landscaping project.

If you are going in blind, you can quickly find yourself running out of space and unable to fit in all of your plans.

Plot your garden down and measure the space exactly to work out just the amount of land you have to work with, and how best to optimise this space.

If you struggle with designing your dream garden, then the team at The Southwest London Gardener can help.

If you want to go alone, then make sure you have a list of priorities that you can work in.

Do you want a seating area? More space for plants and flowers? Are there any extra bits you would like such as water features?

Once you know the answer to these questions, you can get to work fitting them into your garden, and only then is it time to get to work.

4. Split Your Garden Up

A great tip for making a small garden feel bigger is to split it up.

This can be achieved in several ways.

Firstly, you can change the flooring. If your garden is completely grass-covered, then why not add a decked area, or plant some pavers.

Alternatively, digging up an area to form a flower bed is a great way of splitting up a garden and adding a dash of colour.

So why would this make your garden look bigger?

Well, if you don’t have zones, and have a table and some seats in the middle of your garden, this can create an illusion of a smaller space.

Dedicating a specific place to have your furniture doesn’t just make your garden look tidier, but it also splits it up into parts, which in turn makes it look larger.

If you can use your zones to essentially create rooms inside your garden, then it will feel like a much bigger space, especially if you can hide the rest of your garden in certain rooms through plants and trellising.

5. Reflections Are Your Friend

Now we’re getting really sneaky.

Just like inside your home, mirrors are a great way to keep your garden stretching on for much further than it actually does.

In addition to this, using a mirror is a great way of reflecting sunlight and making a small, enclosed garden seem much brighter and fresher.

There are a wealth of options available when it comes to adding mirrors to your garden.

Do you want to make a statement with a bold mirror surrounded by a big frame? Or would you like to opt for several smaller mirrors spread around the garden?

The world (or your garden) is your oyster.

But where is the best place to put your mirror?

Well, this depends on your layout.

If you have a seating area in your garden, placing a mirror near here can really brighten the area up and add a touch of sun to an area that wouldn’t naturally receive it.

Another idea is to place a mirror near your flowers and plants in a bid to spread bright colours beyond your boundaries.

No matter the size or location of your mirror, getting experimental with reflections is always a good idea when it comes to broadening your small outdoor space.

6. Use Different Levels

A similar theory of splitting your garden into zones is splitting it up into different levels.

Building a seating area that you have to climb some steps to reach, or a lower section at the bottom of your garden containing some plants is a great way of making your garden seem much more layered and to give the illusion of there being more different spaces than there initially was.

Levels can be added with decking or pavers and can really turn your small garden into something special. All it takes is a bit of landscaping.

If you can’t see your entire garden from an area, this gives the impression that your garden can be much bigger than it really is.

By sitting higher up on a raised seating area, you may gain much more sunlight and have a better view, which will spread the depth of your garden out massively.

Levels going up, or levels going down are both great ways of taking a small garden and compartmentalising it until it feels much bigger than it actually is.

7. Make Storage Space

One thing that is sure to make a garden feel small is clutter.

Wheelbarrows, garden waste, rakes, shovels, are all things that if spread across a lawn, can really make the space feel smaller.

So, how can you keep your garden clutter-free?

Well, what you need is a storage space.

Whether you have the space to fence off a bit of garden to keep things out of sight, or you simply want to put a few nails in a hidden bit of fence to hang up your gardening tools, if you can find somewhere to keep your things that isn’t the middle of your garden, you’re onto a winner.

To make a small garden feel bigger you need to maximise the space you have.

By making sure everything is tidy and you are looking at green grass and blooming flowers instead of rusty shovels and dirty wheelbarrows, your garden will be a much prettier and happier place to be in.

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