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Reasons Why Trees are Important in the Garden

There are many reasons why trees are important to have in gardens and should be considered massively in all garden design aspects. Besides the obvious positives of growing fruit and nuts species but trees have an incredibly vital role in our plants eco-systems.

Food produce and production value

Fruit and nut trees have huge production value when it comes to food. Trees have a variety of species ranging from apple trees and orange trees to walnuts and hazel trees. However, the weather can affect what kind of tree you can grow, it mostly depends on where you live and what your personal preference is. Example of fruit trees suited for the cold, hazel, cherry, plum, walnut and peaches. Fruit trees you could grow in the heat, avocado, mango, durian, and papaya.

Some of these trees even provide highly nutritious and edible leaves, whilst others can provide good sources of protein like peas and green beans.

Tres help the soil

The organic matter that trees produce decompose on the forest floor. This adds many nutrients to the soil, feeding an array of fauna, fungi, and bacteria. Some trees fix nitrogen into the soil, this helps create mulch material.

Not only do trees provide nutrients but trees also protect the garden from the harshness of the weather. Protecting the soils nutrients from being taken away from the sun and wind, also protecting the soil from being flooded by torrential down pours.

Trees affect our water cycles

Trees are a major factor in water cycles. Trees and the organic matter that they drop all absorb moisture. All the retained water will go through the soil and be absorbed by the tree’s roots. The trees will then get the nutrients and release all the moisture into the atmosphere causing rain. However not only do trees help create rain but will also block out the sun and protect the soil from drying out.

Improve the homes energy efficiency

Trees can potentially help regulate the temperature of the home, by blocking out the wind trees can keep your home warmer naturally. This will help reduce the use of having to use indoor heating. During the day, water will evaporate from leaves, leaving the air cool beneath them. At night the water will condense warming the air around. You also have the use of shade and sun trap spots.

Gardening isn’t just about plants and vibrant colours but also doing our part to not only protect our planet but improve our own health. The Southwest London Gardener are passionate about creating a sustainable environment whilst also providing you with a garden design that you’ll love. We can plant source the trees and do regular garden maintenance so you can have a garden you can be proud of.