The South West London Gardener

South-Facing Garden in Southfields

When you have lived somewhere for a long time, and every day you stare out at the same garden, it can be easy to not be able to ‘see’ your garden anymore.

Our clients were in this position, having lived in their Southfields home for a long time. What they needed were some fresh eyes and energy to guide them to the garden they needed.

The structure of the garden

Before we began, the garden had some already interesting features. There was a patio for dining at the house end, grass play space in the middle, and an alternate seating space at the end.

While it needed work the garden still worked for the family.

However all of these spaces could be changed and improved to be more in harmony with their

A very noticeable original feature of the original garden was a well positioned pergola with a ‘pent’ sloping top.

The work We did

We started with the shape of the pergola, and replaced the current structure with a beautfiul redwood, spreading it out so it was almost the full width of the garden and footing it with plum slate chippings.

This made a real conversation piece from anyone inside the house looking out and created a great spot for the family and friends to sit under.

Although the patio was in the right place it was uncomfortably small and housed a brick built bed which further reduced the space available. We not only enlarged this, making it a space to dine/relax comfortably in, but we also raised the level to align with the dining room flooring.


The central part of the garden was a well worn piece of grass. This had become difficult to maintain and we were asked to give them something natural looking that required little to no maintenance. This we did by reshaping at the beds and laying a high quality artificial lawn.

The final piece of the new garden jigsaw was creating and agreeing a planting theme of ‘greens and whites’. Again, because there was a request for minimal maintenance, the plants we chose included ones of evergreen, hardy and mature nature.

The final touch was added with two climbers that were added to the pergola to create a more shady space.

The end results was a delightful garden and a very satisfying end result which we all took a lot of pleasure from. The family loved their low-maintenance garden packed with new features, stating:

Scott, Mary and the whole team were excellent from start to finish. From the first design meeting to the work on site the approach was very thoughtful and collaborative.

We were very happy with the original concept and design but Scott and Mary also discussed with us as the work progressed to enhance the plan further.

We are very pleased with our garden and the Southwest London Gardener were a pleasure to work with.

We would highly recommend them

Build time – Between 25 and 30 working days.

Cost Guide – Between 25 and 30K

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