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Cutting Back Your Garden | Garden Maintenance

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Plants require maintenance from the moment they’re in the ground. Especially in preparation for
the colder seasons. With some regular pinching, pruning and deadheading, your flower garden
will be healthier and last through the harsher months. The South West London Gardener can
advise and help maintain your garden in advance Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Putney, Richmond,
Twickenham and SW postcodes.

What Is Pruning and Why is Pruning Important?

Pruning is the procedure of removing parts of a plant for landscape and horticultural purposes.
Pruning is great for maintaining a plant’s health, removing dead, dying, diseased or damaged
wood. By removing crossing branches or rubbing branches the plant is helped to grow correctly
and also helps it look better and keep it in proportion. This is particularly important for trees and
larger plants and for the bigger jobs it is always wise to look to a professional tree surgeon to help.

Generally you need to prune plants at the correct time otherwise you could do more harm than
good. However if a plant is heavily overgrown it will be doing more harm than good to itself and
its neighbours so in these situations pruning at any time is OK. The South West London
Gardener can help advise you on the right time to prune based on the specific plant, the desired
outcome and the urgency of the pruning needed.

The Purpose Of Deadheading

Deadheading is the act of removing the dead flower heads from your plants. Deadheading
controls the spread of seeds, encourages plant growth and overall makes everything look good.
Due to The South West Gardeners experience and extensive knowledge of plants, we can help
and advise the best time to deadhead your plants and how to best do it.
You don’t want to cut too close to the bottom of the bloom, you’ll just be left with an unattractive
dry stem. Every plant is different but a basic rule of thumb is deadhead your flowers and stems
back to ¼ inch above a new lateral flower, leaf or bud. This will not only look better but
encourage new growth.


Pinching is a type of deadheading, this is deadheading using your fingers by pinching the very
crisp or thin stems. Pinching off the flowers can help the plants grow bushier and fuller.
With some plants pinching can help move their bloom times back a few weeks giving flowers
that could bloom into late September when the rest of your garden is dying down.

Shaping Plants By Cutting Back

Sometimes the plant isn’t dying however is overgrowing and therefore cannot support itself. This
especially occurs in fall bloomers, they’ll grow tall, gangly and unable to support themselves. By
cutting back you’ll encourage them to come back stockier and fuller.

For more information on what The Southwest London Gardener can do for you, visit our dedicated garden maintenance page. Or, if you want to speak to one of the team, get in touch today.