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Garden Renovation Sutton, SM1

Our clients’ garden had been largely unused the entire time in their home. It was a large space broken down into sections which detracted away from this. The foundations of a previous garage, a large border separating the space between that and the lawn and some plant beds and a small patio space outside the house. In addition there was a space at the side which previously was a driveway leading to the garage with a useful but old storage shed which had seen better days. The garden has a very pleasant aspect with large amounts of natural light. There was a small triangular garden at the front which lacked appeal and practicality.

Our first step was to replace the perimeter fencing to make it one and the same and provide additional security, privacy and a lovely backdrop to the new planting. Half the garden would become a seating and dining area positioned at the rear and front of the garden and providing an abundance of light and shelter and a good view back to the house over the newly laid lawn. To continue the good access we removed the existing kitchen step and laid a single level patio outside of the lounge and kitchen doors connecting this to the garden patio and providing a further space for a sit down with an early morning coffee. 

We plant sourced and planted climbing jasmine, honeysuckle, wisteria, lavenders, buddleia, lavatera, eucalyptus and grasses among others to grow and soften the fencing and provide pleasant aromas all around and attraction to wildlife, complemented by the changing colours of an acer, a magnolia grandiflora and a choisya.

To provide better storage we dismantled the shed and extended it substantially to accommodate garden equipment and in the winter months garden furniture. Upon entering the double gates there is now uniformity allowing more focus to be on the planting and the space and not the various different sections.

In the front garden we replaced the concrete pavers and built a triangular raised patio flush with the porch entrance and backdropped by some mature lavenders.  In the front bed we removed the grass and planted a statement, flowering Dogwood which gives instant beauty to the space.

The garden space is now open and sectioned in an aesthetic and practical way providing the ability and desire to be in it whenever possible.

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