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Essential Tips for Watering your Garden this Summer

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Summer is on the way, and as rain becomes less frequent and the temperature ramps up, it can be tricky to ensure your garden is always well-hydrated.

In the past few years, the record temperature in the UK has been broken, and this can be tough on our grass, plants, and flowers.

Here at The Southwest London Gardener, we love to see healthy gardens throughout the year and enjoy watching people enjoy the sunshine in their lovely outside space.

An integral part of achieving this is watering, and we’ve created this guide to help you always keep your garden hydrated.

Let’s take a look.

The Importance of Watering Your Garden

A dry and hot garden is never a good combination.

When the weather gets hot, it is essential that you grab your hose, watering can, or any other gardening tool you have and spread some H20 around.

As the heat ramps up, your soil quickly loses moisture, which can be tough (even deadly) to your plants.

If you can keep everything well-watered, you’re sure to ensure your garden has all the nutrients and liquid it needs to live a long and fulfilling life.

Water is essential for grass and all other plants, and in the summer, you may find that you are out giving it a drink at least twice a week.

While this may seem like a lot, it will help in many ways, including helping your plants photosynthesize, preserving the biodiversity in your garden, and stopping leaves and plants wilting.

But watering isn’t as simple as chucking some around every now and then.

There are ways to do it efficiently and effectively, and here are seven of them.

7 Essential Summer Garden Watering Tips

Water Deeply

You don’t need to be out in your garden every day watering your grass and plants.

In fact, that could be a bad thing.

What you need to focus on is watering your garden deeply. This means giving it a good drink two or three times a week that goes right down to the roots.

This way, root growth is built, which will help make your plants more resilient and well hydrated for longer.

If you can aim to give around 8 inches of moisture a few times a week, you should see great results.

Time Your Watering Well

The time of day that you water your garden can have a big effect on how much effect it has.

What you should aim to do is to water your garden at the cooler times of the day.

This way, it will give your plants plenty of time to soak up the much-needed moisture you are providing them with, and you won’t lose anything due to quick evaporation.

Plants like a bit of time to take a drink, so make sure you give them plenty of it.

Late at night and in the mornings is ideal and will hopefully fit better around your daily life.

Add Some Mulch to Your Garden Beds

Mulch has many uses, and if you’re a beginner gardener or an experienced one, it should be something you definitely look to incorporate into your outside space.

In this case, mulch can be perfect for retaining moisture in your soil.

It provides a protective layer between your soil and the sun which can help to keep things cooler and slow down evaporation.

This gives your plants the time it needs to soak it all up which is ideal for keeping them well hydrated on warm days.

A sprinkling over your soil will give your plants a big boost, in terms of hydration as well as many other ways.

Monitor your Moisture

If you really want to ensure your soil is staying well hydrated, then it is a good idea to keep checking it.

There are a few ways you can do this.

If you want to be super precise, then you can buy tools that you can prod into your soil which will provide you with an exact reading.

This is a surefire way of getting a perfect reading, but if you’re looking for something a bit closer to home, a simple finger test can also do the trick.

Pop your finger into your soil and feel around to gain insights into the moisture levels. You can even get the kids involved to help and make it fun.

How far you can go before it gets dry should give a good indication of how much moisture your soil is holding.

Collect Rainwater

Your garden is going to need water.

There are no two ways about it.

How you provide that water is up to you, but if you wish to promote sustainability and use natural resources then adding a water butt, barrel, or a feature that retains some water is a great choice.

This can collect rainwater that you can then repurpose as you spread it around your outside space.

Not only is this great for the planet, but it also will help to keep your water usage down and in turn this will save you money in the long run, making it a win-win.

Keep an Eye on Your Plants

We discussed performing your own moisture checks earlier in this blog, but there is an easier way of checking if your plants are well hydrated, and that’s by simply looking at them.

Every time you are enjoying some time in your outside space, spare a few moments to glance at your plants.

If you are noticing signs of thirst such as drooping leaves, wilting, and the colour of your plants growing duller, then these are signs they aren’t getting the amount of water they need.

If this is the case, make sure to pay extra attention to this over the coming weeks and give them all the water they need to get healthy again.

Always Check the Weather

Anyone who has lived in the UK for a period of time knows that the weather can get rather unpredictable.

While it is impossible to always know what is coming next, there are many ways of getting a good idea.

Keep an eye on local weather reports and use this to plan your watering times.

If a downpour is on the way, lay off so your plants don’t get overwatered.

If the temperature is about to ramp up, make sure your plants have all the hydration needed to get them through it.

A quick check in the morning is all that is needed to provide all of the information you need to plan accordingly.

Get Your Garden Summer Ready with The Southwest London Gardener

With summer on the way, the time to enjoy your garden is here.

We hope this guide has helped you care for your garden and always have a healthy lawn and plants.

If you would like to revamp or transform your garden, then the team at The Southwest London Gardener can help.

We also offer an irrigation service that can help with planning and designing your garden watering systems. We can help get water to where it is needed, when and in the correct quantity.

We provide tailored and automated watering solutions to assist your plants with hydration. Our automatic watering systems can help your plants stay hydrated when you’re on holiday or need to free up some time in your day. Installation, by our own teams, drawing out a plan and carrying out the installation, is often completed within a day.

If you would like to discuss your project with us, then get in touch today.