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The Ways and Benefits of Using Water Features in Your Garden

water fountain

There are many ways you can transform your garden.

You can install a garden room, change the shape of your lawn, or add a new colour scheme.

Another way that may not be used quite as often is to add a water feature.

Water features come in many different shapes and sizes, and here at The Southwest London Gardener, they fall right into our ethos of gardening naturally.

But would a water feature work well in your garden?

We created this guide to shed some light on the key ways you can incorporate water into your garden design, and the benefits these can bring.

Let’s take a look.

The Benefits of Having a Water Feature

Water is something that isn’t seen too much in a garden.

In fact, only just over 10% of gardens in the UK contain a pond.

It’s astonishing that water features aren’t more common, as they are packed with benefits for yourself, your garden, and the planet.

Benefits such as these:

  • It Looks Great – Just like with the sound of water, most of us find looking at water very calming as well. With the reflections of the colours of the garden around it, and the perpetual motion of waterfalls and other movements, a water feature looks just as good as it sounds.
  • It Attracts Wildlife – A lot of the animals that pay a visit to your garden love a spot of water. Not only do they enjoy a nice slurp on a hot day, but they also love to use water to cool themselves down if they’re feeling a bit warm. Having a feature such as a pond or bird bath is ideal for letting animals such a birds and hedgehogs have a drink and a play.
  • Improves Air Quality and Humidity – A water feature adds moisture to the air which can help your garden in many ways. Not only does it help plants that may be drying out, but it also reduces dust and other airborne pollutants which makes your garden a healthier place for you and your flowers.
  • Can Increase Home Value – Our final benefit is that a well-constructed water feature can be a real selling point when it comes to moving home. If a potential buyer can see something that they know will provide beauty, tranquillity, and functionality to their garden, then they’re sure to be willing to spend more to get it.

There are many more benefits that we haven’t listed here, but if we listed them all this blog would be many thousand words.

As natural gardeners, we believe in using materials and features in a garden that are sustainable and good for the planet, and a water feature is the ideal thing to fall into this category.

5 Water Features to Add to Your Garden

So, if you’ve read the above and you’re thinking you may benefit from adding a water feature to your garden, then here are five great ways you can do just that.

Water Fountain

One of the most common ways to get water into your garden is through a water fountian. This can be small and only take up a tiny space, or can be the real centre-piece of your entire outside space.

A water feature is great for adding a soothing sound and visual interest to your garden that is always eye-catching. But not all water features have to be large and grand.

Something simple that allows the water to move through it and give off the lovely sound us humans so love can make a huge difference to the entire ambience of your garden.

Water features are commonly built from stone but other materials can be used.

Ponds and Streams

Ponds and streams are great ways of attracting wildlife and adding a new section to your garden. If you’re a fish lover, this is also a nice way of bringing them into your home.

Again, ponds come in varying sizes and can either be dug straight into the ground or raised and surrounded by a small brick wall on either side for example.

A pond or stream is the perfect addition to a garden and if you have the space makes something you’re sure to spend many hours tending for and enjoying.

Ponds are really adaptable as well, with plenty of scope to add features on, like waterfalls.

One thing to note with having a pond is to make sure there is a way for creatures such as foxes and hedgehogs to get out if they fall in. Adding rocks or a slope makes the pond a lot safer for animals and means they are much less likely to get trapped.


Speaking of waterfalls, these are another feature that can be a real plus to a garden.

Waterfalls always add a natural and tranquil feel to a garden, and can be made by using a kit, or by consulting a professional, such as the team at The Southwest London Gardener, who can come in and add this to a pond or another feature.

Bird Baths

One of the most versatile features around is a bird bath.

If you’re a lover of our feathered-friends, than you may already have a bird bath in your garden. If you don’t, you’re missing out.

Nothing is as joyful as watching birds frolic and rehydrate in a bird bath.

They come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles as well so whatever your theme is for your garden, you’re sure to find a bird bath that fits perfectly.

Rain Chains

A water feature that isn’t so commonly known is a rain chain.

These are much smaller, and can be hooked in many different places, but make the perfect feature for a rainy day when the water can flow down the various shapes in your chain and turn something most garden-lovers don’t enjoy (rain) into something much more pleasing.

For best effects, let your rain chain flow into a water butt and all the rain water you are enjoying can be used again to keep your plants and flowers hydrated.

Adding Water Features to Your London Garden

If you would like to add a water feature to your garden, then why not get in touch with the Southwest London Gardener today.

Our team are well trained in installing water features, and can also help in the design process to make it really fit into your garden.

We offer a free, no-obligation quote and would love to hear more about your project, so if you think your garden is missing a structure like this, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We can’t wait to hear from you.