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Must-Have Gardening Tools for Every Outdoor Enthusiast

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Every good gardener needs tools to help them.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, whether it is a complete garden revamp, or simply planting a few new flowers, tools can make your life much easier and make sure a good job is always being done.

From novices to experts, there’s no denying the power a good tool can bring.

In this blog, we’re going to look into seven tools that every keen gardener should own, so let’s take a look.

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The Importance of High-Quality Gardening Tools

Gardening tools come in many different shapes and sizes.

What you need when you’re in the shop flicking through the different options, is to find something that is high-quality. There are many benefits to this, including:

  • It Will Last Longer – Going through years of gardening can be tough on tools. What you need is something that is built from sturdy materials (wood or metal for example) and that is built to last to ensure your tools stay up for the job at hand for a long time and you’re not looking to replace them within a year.
  • You Get Better performance – With a good tool, you get better results. The simple reason for this is that they make things easier, and also come packed with features and designs that aid gardening. They help you make your gardening precise and efficient, and this can lead to many advantages for your garden and yourself.
  • They Are Safer – Just as regular gardening can be tough on your tools, so can it be on your body. High-quality tools are often built with lots of safety features included, such as specialised grips, ergonomic handles, and more. This will help protect you while you’re operating them and allow you to always be using them to maximum effect.

There are more benefits not listed in the blog, which all make buying the right tools so important.

But where can you get them?

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Finding the Right Tools for You

You may think that buying high quality gardening tools is going to cost a fortune, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

While of course you can buy them in any well-known hardware store, there are other locations that may have better options.

It is always a good idea to have a look through your local garden centre and look for any deals they may have.

Also, second hand stores are always great for picking up a bargain. Speaking of second-hand items, keeping an eye on local Facebook pages and in local gardening communities is a great way to find unused tools that may be perfect for you.

While there are plus sides to buying brand new, you can always find high-quality gardening equipment that is second-hand, so make sure to keep an eye out.

This is also a great way to promote sustainability in your garden.

But which tools should you be looking for?

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7 Essential Tools Every Gardener Should Own

Hand Tools

Let’s start with the smaller items, and your hand tools.

This is the equipment you will be using when getting up close and personal with your planters, and contains tools such as hand forks, trowels, weeders, and more.

These are essential to ensuring a precise and accurate job is done and are great for getting little ones involved in the outside jobs.

Watering Equipment

You may need to water some of your plants daily, and your lawn is also a regular guzzler of H2O.

While you may get helped out by the Great British weather from time to time, you will need some equipment to help you in the drier times of the year.

A watering can is ideal for small gardens, or a hose for larger ones.

One thing to consider is a water butt, which is a great way of storing and keeping rainwater and is a brilliant natural gardening initiative that will slow down your water usage in a big way.


You need to protect yourself when gardening as well, and having specialist items of clothing is a good way to do this.

The most important of these is gloves.

If you’re holding shovels and ripping up weeds all day, these are vital in stopping any cuts or blisters appearing as a result of your hard work.

You may also need knee pads if you’re spending a lot of time working on flowers, and safety boots if you’re doing a spot of hard landscaping and need to protect your feet from any dropped materials.

Some other things to consider are a hat for warm weather, and some warm clothing that you don’t mind getting muddy for the colder seasons.


If you’re looking to move large sections of mud or any other gardening material, the best way to do this is with a wheelbarrow.

While you can use buckets to transport materials, this is going to take a long time and you’re more likely to pick up an injury.

A good wheelbarrow is made to provide good weight distribution and move smoothly, which can be a big help when you’ve got a lot of stuff to move.

Forks and Spades

Some key jobs that you will be doing in your garden will be turning soil, digging, and preparing planting beds.

For these, you need a few larger tools to give you a helping hand.

Shovels and forks are an important part of any gardening tool collection and are perfect in giving you a bit more strength and moving large sections of mud at a time.

Other large items you can add are hoes which help in removing weeds and breaking up soil, a rake to help clean up mess and level soil, and a cultivator to get some air into your ground.

Pruning Tools

Another key job is pruning.

As you are applying the final touches to your garden, things may need a bit of tidying up.

This is a regular job throughout the warmer months especially as things grow but is also needed in the colder months to cut back dead branches and leaves.

Some secateurs are a big help in cutting back shrubberies so get a good pair that are just right for you (not too heavy or else you may struggle with higher branches).


Finally, you need somewhere to keep all of these tools.

Storage is vital, not just to keep your tools protected, but to also stop your garden from feeling cluttered and untidy.

If you have a shed or a large storage container, that is great. Alternatively, creating some shelving, either in your home or an outbuilding, is another nice way of keeping your tools secure and out of sight.

Don’t forget, some of these tools may be expensive so it is always wise to add a lock to any buildings that may be easily accessible.

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The Southwest London Gardener

So, there you have it, the seven tools you need to get your gardening done.

Of course, you may not want to purchase all of these tools, and you may not want to do your gardening yourself.

If that sounds familiar, then The Southwest London Gardener are here to help.

We would love to hear about your outside space and see your vision for what it could become.

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