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5 New Year Gardening Resolutions You Should Take on This Year

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With the year coming to an end, now is the perfect time to plan ahead for the future.

Many new year’s resolutions revolve around heading to the gym more often, or stopping those late-night raids of the fridge, so you may not be thinking of creating ones for your garden.

Well, whether you’re new to enjoying your garden, or you’re a horticultural expert, now is the perfect time to set yourself some goals to achieve in the coming year.

And if you’re struggling to think of what to set yourself, the team at The Southwest London Gardener have created this handy guide to help.

Let’s take a look.

1. Go natural

Every member of our team has a real passion for nature, and we are proud to call ourselves natural gardeners.

But how can you become one?

Well, a great way to start is by focussing on the materials that you are using. Try to avoid single-use materials and focus on ones that are more sustainable and organic.

This means ditching the plastic and opting for wood, stone, or simply using plants instead.

These materials are mostly (it is always a good choice to check) responsibly sourced so using them on your garden isn’t just benefitting you, but it’s also benefitting the planet.

Gardens should be a haven of nature, so by using the right materials, you can avoid pests, attract wildlife (these can be a great, natural method of pest control), and decorate your garden.

This is important for the planet, especially in built up cities such as London.

2. Be On Top of Your Tidying

If neglected, a garden can very quickly become a bit clustered and messy.

Staying on top of your tidying is a great way of keeping your garden looking and feeling healthy.

This is especially important in the earlier months of the year, when the weather is wet and windy which leads to plenty of debris falling in your outside area.

So, how can you keep your garden tidy?

Well, the key is to perform regular checks, no matter which month of the year it is.

Have a stroll around your garden looking for dead plants that may need removing, or after an especially windy night, head out with a rake to collect leaves and twigs that may have found their way onto your lawn.

The nicest garden in the world can soon look overrun if not cared for, so setting a resolution to check it once a week and spend a bit of time cleaning up is a great way to ensure your garden is always looking its best.

3. Take Control of Your Green Waste Removal

On the topic of cleaning, after you’ve swept up all of your leaves and collected the twigs from your lawn, what do you do with it?

Well, there are some great ways that you can use your garden waste that are good for the planet, and your garden.

Setting up a resolution to take control of your green waste removal has huge benefits.

So, how do you do it?

Well, why not invest in a compost bin which you can store most of your garden waste in to be used to help your plants throughout the year. Everything from grass trimmings to food waste can be used to make great compost so don’t waste anything that could come in handy.

You can also use it for mulch, which is a great way of protecting your plants and providing them with long-lasting nutrients (perfect for the colder months of the year).

Green waste can be placed in the designated bin to be picked up by the council, or you can get a team, such as The Southwest London Gardener, who always recycle all of the green waste collected on our jobs, and can do yours as well.

4. Start Growing Your Own Food

A garden is a great place to grow food, and as the cost of trips to the supermarket increases, why not make next year the year you start growing your own produce.

All you need is a planting bed, this can be dug into the ground, or on raised planted beds built by sleepers or other materials, some seeds, and you’re good to go.

Focus on what you like to eat and look into how to create the ideal environment for your produce to grow.

Once in the ground, your plants may need some TLC, so keep an eye on their patch just to check everything is looking as it should.

Growing your own food is a really rewarding thing to do on your garden, and is a sustainable, natural, and organic way to feed yourself.

It’s also a great thing to do with children that is sure to get them enjoying spending time in the garden, especially if they can see the tasty meals that come from their hard work!

5. Make 2023 the Year You Transform Your Garden

The above resolutions are all things that you can start doing in your garden today, but what if you would like a complete overhaul.

While this may not be a resolution you can do all on your own, you can set a goal to work with a team of designers and landscapers and turn your garden into the outside area of your dreams.

If you have gotten bored of your garden, or there are large scale repairs that need to be made, then making sure that next year is the year to do it can be the push that you need to take the plunge and really transform your garden.

Changes can be small, such as adding a decking area or a garden path, or something on a much larger scale such as a complete renovation.

Whatever the project, if you plan to get it done next year, then there’s no time like the present to speak with a professional team and get planning.

Start Your New Year with The Southwest London Gardener

If you would like help with any of the resolutions we have mentioned above, then get in touch with our team today.

From tidying and green waste removal, to complete garden transformations, our friendly team is always glad to help.

So, no matter what size your job, speak with us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.