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Flower Garden Ideas for Kids

It is great to get the kids out in the garden for a bit of fun, but you can also get them engaged in looking after the garden and growing their own plants. Flowers are easy to grow, so they are an excellent choice for starting to nurture a love of gardening.

Kids can get a thrill and a great sense of pride by growing beautiful flowers for the garden, and growing flowers is a great way to get them outside for a bit of fresh air every day – even when it’s raining out!

Give a young child a trowel, and they will love digging holes in the garden, so why not encourage them to help you dig up some weeds and get your flower beds ready for planting. You can explain how plants and flowers grow from seeds in the soil as you go to raise their curiosity and encourage them to get planting for a beautiful flower display.

Get some child-sized gardening tools

Your kids will have trouble wielding adult-sized gardening tools, especially spades and rakes with long handles. It can help make gardening a lot more fun and accessible by buying your kids a set of child-sized gardening tools that they can quickly get to grips with.

Kids love watering plants, so don’t forget to get small child-sized watering cans so that your kids can help to water the flower seeds and growing seedlings they have planted.

Long after planting their flower seeds, your kids will want to water them every day. Having a small watering can help them manage it without straining and, more importantly – without drowning the seedlings in too much water.

Planting flower containers

If you don’t have a huge garden or your garden is mainly laid to lawn you need for outdoor family play, you can encourage your kids to plant up flower containers instead. Long, narrow garden planters (they look great when built with railway sleepers!) are also ideal for younger children because they are not as tall as us or have such a long reach.

Flower containers can be lined up against walls and fences around your garden or patio and will bring a beautiful injection of colour to your garden during the spring, summer and autumn.

You can encourage your kids to take charge of their own flower containers by letting them choose their own planters. Take them to the garden centre to look at the many different colourful, quirky and cheerful planters available.

If your child is very arty, you could buy plain terracotta plant pots and let them paint the posts using bright coloured paints. This will give them ownership of their flower pots, and they will love to see their handiwork on display full of beautiful flowers.

Growing flowers from seeds

While you are at the garden centre, you can show your kids the fantastic range of flower seed packets on display. Seed packets will usually have a colourful picture on the front of the grown flowers so you kids will get to see what they look like.

If your kids have a favourite colour, you can point them towards the flowers that most closely match their favourite colour, and they will be keen to plant them. You could choose three different flowers in three different shades of your kids favourite colour to add more variety to their flower post and make them more attractive.

It can be exciting for your children to check the seed trays or flower beds each day to look for new shoots poking through the soil. If your child is old enough, you could get them to measure the seedlings as they grow and take a photo each week to compare how fast different flower seeds grow.

Make fairy gardens

If you have very young children, they may be too impatient to wait for flower seeds to grow. Here, you can engage their imagination in garden activities and get them excited to create their own flower displays by making fairy gardens.

If you have a bare flowerbed or a couple of large garden planters filled with bare soil in a sunny spot, then you can get the kids to collect interesting things that can be used to make a fairy garden. They can collect unusual stones, pebbles, sea glass, twigs, feathers and seed husks that they can use to decorate the soil.

Rather than wait for flower seeds to grow out of the soil, you can add small potted flowers, seedlings and small ferns around the edges to create a pretty scene for the fairy garden.

Collect some small twigs, push them into the soil around the edges, and let your kids decorate them with thin ribbon, bows, tinsel strips, or even small keyrings and trinkets.

Recycle household containers

You don’t have to spend a lot of money getting a flower garden going with your kids. If you are into recycling, then why not start your flower seeds at home in what you have to hand,

Seeds can be started in just about any container, so why not save and re-use the aluminium pan that a delicious meat pie came in from the farmers market. You can use any plastic containers that you have sitting in the cupboard, like plastic picnic cups or Tupperware containers.

You can even use cardboard egg boxes to start growing flower seeds and then simply plant the sections directly into the soil once the seedlings are strong enough to go outside. The cardboard will break down in the soil, and the flower seedling roots won’t need to be disturbed at all.


There is so much fun to be had by encouraging your children to get out in the garden and grow their own beautiful flowers in pots and beds. The sense of pride and joy they will get from watching their seeds grow into pretty flowers is unmeasurable.

As your kids grow up, you can introduce them to vegetable gardening so that they can start growing productive plants alongside the pretty flowers they will already love to grow.

Starting them gardening when they are young will encourage your kids to grow up with a deeper appreciation of the power of nature, and you never know, you may have the next Alan Titchmarsh, Monty Don, or even a future member of The Southwest London Gardener team on your hands!