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10 Low-Cost Small Garden Ideas

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When it comes to small gardens, it can be hard to get it just as you would like.

With limited space, fitting everything in can be tricky, and you may end up with something that feels overcrowded and cluttered.

Here at The Southwest London Gardener, we work on a wide range of gardens. Some large, some small.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to ten great ideas for a small garden, and how to implement them without breaking the bank.

Let’s take a look.

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Budget Ideas for Your Small Garden

Vertical Gardening

When space on the ground is limited, going vertical is a great option.

This way you can add your favourite flowers, herbs, and plants, to your garden without taking up too much room, and always add a splash of colour to your garden boundary.

This can be done for a low price by repurposing old items, such as ladders, and using these to create a stylish and functional feature.

If you don’t have anything you can use, then trellises and hanging baskets can be found for low costs and are great for adding some character to a garden without using any precious ground space.

Use Containers

Containers are versatile and can be placed anywhere.

This makes them ideal for a small garden when you really want to maximise the space you have and find gaps that you can fill.

Containers don’t have to be expensive. In fact, old ice cream tubs, buckets, or crates make ideal houses for your flowers and plants.

Why not add a splash of colour to really give them some life?

Once you have your container, fit it into your small garden design and you have the perfect place to plant.

Propagate Plants

Speaking of planting, if you’re really looking to do things on a budget, then buying seeds can be much cheaper than going and purchasing plants.

There are some great ways that you can even get some seeds for free, with great seed-swapping initiatives around. Also, why not try and ask friends or family if they have any spare?

By propagating plants, you’re not just saving money, but you also get the joy of watching your plants grow and being able to work on them as they burst into life.

These can be the perfect thing to fill your vertical containers with to add some life to your small garden.

Narrow Pathways

If you have limited space, you may think a pathway is out of the question.

That isn’t the case though, and adding a narrow walkway to your outside space can actually make it seem much larger.

You can create these by sourcing some low-cost gravel, or stones, or taking these from another section of your garden.

By adding this, you create different sections in your garden, which can be ideal for maximising space and also providing more emphasis on the features of note, such as your planters or garden structures.

Add Mirrors

Another low-cost feature that can add stunning effects to a small garden is mirrors.

These are useful in so many ways, including spreading light across the garden, making your garden seem much bigger than it is, and also providing different views from each angle.

If your garden has splashes of colour dotted throughout, catching a glimpse of these as you look in the mirror can be lovely and add something new with every look.

This will make your garden feel much more spacious, and the best thing is, that many people will have a spare mirror at home that they don’t use. All you need is something to attach it to a wall or fence and you’re good to go.

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Create a Colour Scheme

A colour scheme can be an incredibly important thing for a small garden.

The one thing that you want to avoid is the feeling that the garden is cluttered, or untidy.

With a colour scheme, you can keep everything uniform and give the effect of a tidy space. If there are many different colours and features then they can clash and this can leave things feeling a bit off.

To really embrace a colourful garden, plants are your friend, so try and find spaces to add these.

Also, don’t be afraid to bring your structures such as planters, sheds, fences, and more to life with a lick of paint.

Use Multi-Functional Furniture

To really enjoy your garden, especially in the warmer months of the year, you will need some furniture.

This can be costly, especially if buying new, so look out for some deals, or search your home for items which can be repurposed to create benches, chairs, and tables.

If you can make these multi-functional, then that is ideal for a small space as you get something packed with functionality but that doesn’t take up much room.

Something you can sit on but that also has great storage for example is perfect for getting two benefits from one item.

Choose Smaller Plants

Now, we’ve discussed plants a lot throughout this blog, and we’re going to mention them again as they are so important.

Not only do they bring colour, but they also provide lovely smells and a natural feel to an outside space which can be a big plus, especially in urban areas.

When looking for plants, try not to pick a species which will grow to be large and completely cover your space. What you need are small plants that won’t take up much room, but that are bursting with colour and character.

These are ideal for having all the great effects of lovely flowers, but with much less space taken up.

Repurpose Items and Materials

If you’re looking to do things on a budget, finding items you can repurpose to save money is essential.

In a small garden, every feature helps, no matter how big or small, and therefore adding artwork, boxes for containers, or old lights to create a cosy atmosphere can make a big difference.

Before heading to your local garden centre, take a look through your house.

Also, try to avoid throwing things away. Every bit of wood, food waste, grass clippings, and more can be used to help your plants and bring your garden to life, so get creative and make the most of the items you already own.

Do Your Research

The fact that you are reading this blog makes me think you’re already ticking this box, but doing research is essential for making the most of a small garden and keeping things low-cost.

There are hundreds of great ideas you can use to repurpose items and maximise space, and these can be found in online videos, articles, and in workshops and seminars.

There are often events and hundreds of online communities where you can ask questions and receive great answers, so get yourself out there and see what other people to inspire your own decisions.

Small Garden Design with The Southwest London Gardener

If you have a small garden and would like a revamp or transformation, then our team can help.

We’ve worked on many small gardens throughout London and have achieved great results, and you could be next.

We can also keep costs down and always promote sustainability and resourcefulness.

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