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How to Create a Stunning Sensory Garden

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Gardens are brilliant places to spend some time in. With so much to offer, there’s plenty of things throughout outside spaces across the land to keep you entertained.

Sensory gardens are areas that appeal to all five senses.

These offer something for everyone, and if you can tick all five boxes in your garden, you’re sure to have a memorable place that offers something different with every step you take.

Here at The Southwest London Gardener, we’ve worked on many gardens throughout London and beyond, and we thought we would create this guide to let you know how you can fill your outside space with features for all the senses.

Let’s take a look.

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Some senses are easier to please than others, and sight is certainly one that can be great in a garden.

There are many ways that you can create an aesthetically pleasing garden, and a great place to start is with flowers.

These are a natural way of providing splashes of colour throughout your garden and can provide a beautiful backdrop to your outside space.

Deep reds and vibrant blues are just some of the colours that blossom, especially in the warmer months of the year, and that can add a really new element to the garden.

You can also add some visually pleasing features, such as pergolas and water fountains that also add something entertaining and relaxing to look at.

When the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and you are wandering around your garden, there is an abundance of great sights to see.

While this isn’t the hardest sense to please, it is certainly one of the most rewarding, so take some time picking out your favourite colours and fill your garden with them.

It’s also a good idea to use different varieties, textures, shapes, and more to add some variety to your outside space and always keep things interesting.


Another sense that is easy to please in a garden is smell.

Just being outside and taking in a deep breath of fresh air can be enough, but when it also contains the sweet fragrance of flowers then it is even better.

Flowers and plants offer an abundance of different smells that you can spread throughout your garden to really mix things up.

There are some great herbs and plants such as roses, lavender, and jasmine that offer a wide range of smells.

With such a variety of invigorating, relaxing, and other smells to pick from, you’re sure to never run out of different ideas to create the perfect environment for you.

You can even get night-blooming flowers so the smells don’t die down as the sun goes in and you can enjoy some time in your outside space at night-time.


A garden should be a relaxing haven of peace and calm, and sounds can have a big effect on creating this environment.

Not only do you have the sounds of nature, which are proven to make people feel comfortable and relaxed, but you can also add in more features to really enhance this, such as water features.

A garden is filled with sounds. From the rustling of leaves as the wind gently blows through trees and plants, to the sound of birdcall that always fills the air, just sitting outside, closing your eyes, and taking it all in is always a good exercise.

Add to this the sound of wind-chimes and water features as mentioned above, and you have the perfect space to please your ears.

Something else to consider here is how to drown out unwanted sounds.

If you live near a road for example, why not try planting some hedges, or adding a row of plants in an attempt to drown out some of the noise that comes from the cars.

This way, you will have nothing to distract you from the relaxing sounds of your garden.


The next sense we will look into is touch, and there is an abundance of ways to appease this one.

Ever stepped outside onto your lawn in bare feet? Then you’ll know just how good the grass feels on your feet, and there are loads of other textures to take in throughout your garden.

From the feel of soft leaves, rough barks, as well as hardscape elements, the different feelings on your hands and feet as you make your way through your outside space is always nice.

Try and mix things up, with some harder elements such as stone walkways, and softer ones like petals.

It is important to spend some time choosing the right plants as if you love touching and feeling them, then you need to pick ones that won’t cause any harm.

Avoid thorns and make sure the plants you are adding are safe to touch for people of all ages.

If you can do this, as well as adding some different textures throughout, you’re sure to never get bored as you make your way around your garden.


Finally, we move onto taste, and while this may not be the first thing that you think of when you think of a garden, it can be a key element.

If you love growing your own food, then incorporating a vegetable patch into your garden is a great way of having some fun, and having some delicious produce to enjoy when you get home and creating a space which is sustainable.

Incorporate some edible plants into your garden as well, such as herbs and fruit trees. Not only are these great for tasting, but also can offer some really great visual qualities.

It’s important that you designate a certain area for your edible plants, especially if children are often in the garden, as the last thing you want is for them to eat something they shouldn’t.

Leave a corner or square of your outside space and turn it into a tasting area. This way, you can really get the whole family involved and rest assured that everything in there is completely edible.

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