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How to Revamp Your Garden on a Budget

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When it comes to freshening up your outside space, a garden revamp is a great way of achieving this.

A revamp often comes at a lower cost than a full garden transformation, and if you are on a budget, there are ways you can keep the cost down throughout your project.

Here at The Southwest London Gardener, we think garden revamps are the perfect way to change things up and give your garden a new lease of life. We know times are hard financially for many people at the moment, and that’s why we have created this guide to doing a garden revamp on a budget.

Let’s take a look.

What is a Garden Revamp?

A garden revamp is when you give your garden a makeover using many of the items already in it. This isn’t a complete overhaul. Instead, your garden is reconfigured to make it feel brand new, but actually, many of the items being used were already there.

Garden revamps can vary in scale and complexity, from minor changes like changing some plants or moving some furniture around, to having a complete overhaul of the layout and design of a place.

A garden revamp can be a really satisfying endeavour for homeowners and garden enthusiasts, as you can breathe new life into your outside space without it being too much of an overwhelming project.

Of course, the best way to ensure a great job is done is to hire professionals, such as The Southwest London Gardener team, who are always happy to revamp an outside space.

Want to know more? We wrote a comprehensive garden revamp guide so take a look.

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7 Tips for Doing a Budget Garden Revamp

If you want to undergo a revamp on a budget, here are seven tips from our team to help.

Plan Things Thoroughly

Planning your project is an essential step in staying on budget and achieving your goals.

A good design and plan will allow you to prioritise areas of your garden that need the most work and make it simple to allocate your budget accordingly.

Not only that, but having a clear design in mind will provide you with a way of assessing your materials and knowing which ones you can use in your new plan, and which materials you may need to purchase.

Try to write down your budget and break it down with each step of your plan and make sure you don’t overspend along the way to keep things under your price bracket.

Reuse and Repurpose

A revamp is all about taking what you’ve got and seeing if you can use it in your new design to add something new.

This means reusing and repurposing elements of your current garden, and your home, is a key part of the process, and a great way of keeping the budget down.

Try and look for unique and exciting ways you can use items that you may no longer need. For example, if you have an old ladder, this could make a great vertical garden to add some colour to your boundary.

Reusing isn’t just frugal, it’s also very fun and if you can save money on furniture, planters, decorations, and more by finding stuff you already own to use then you’re well on your way to a great garden revamp on a budget.

Look for Bargains

While reusing is the ideal situation, there will inevitably be some things that you have to buy.

The good thing is that you can get many great gardening items for a low cost by keeping an eye open for sales in your local garden centres, and on local community groups.

Many people like to make changes to their gardens, and that means there are often items up for sale at low prices that some people may not need anymore.

Also, home improvement stores, supermarkets, and garden centres are great places to find bargains. While the item may not be the finished article, a lick of paint or a bit of TLC and it could become an integral piece of your finished product, all for an extremely low cost.

Look for Low-Cost Tools You Can Use

Something else you will need is tools.

If you are buying brand new ones, this can be costly and you may find that after your revamp is over, you don’t need them again for a long time.

The ideal situation is to be able to borrow some tools from friends or family, just while your project is underway, and then return them once it is complete.

Also, looking for second-hand tools at car boot stalls, and on online marketplaces can be a great way of bringing up high-quality equipment at low prices.

When you do get your hands on some tools, if you plan on keeping them then try and store them somewhere safe and dry so that if you do need them again, they will be in a good condition and ready to work straight away.

Always Think Long-Term

If you are doing a garden revamp on a budget, then the chances are you won’t want to start spending more money on your garden in the following years.

The key is to think long-term and produce a low-maintenance, low-cost garden that will stay that way throughout its life.

For example, if you don’t want to have to buy new plants every year, look for perennials which will keep returning and therefore make a great investment.

Try investing in high-quality materials at low costs, as this will mean they last for much longer and remain in a good aesthetic condition for many years.

Take it Step by Step

When it comes to a garden revamp, the last thing you want to do is rush it.

The key is to take your time, and if money is tight, going step by step and only beginning one stage when you have built up the funds to do so is a great idea.

This way, you are only spending in small increments, and don’t have a big lump sum coming out of your bank all at once.

When planning your garden revamp, split it into stages, making sure each one has an endpoint that won’t leave your garden in too much disarray, and plan how much to spend on each stage.

Only when you can afford it, begin the next step of your project and always keep your bank balance healthy.

Make the Most of Local Resources

The final tip we are going to provide is to make the most of local resources.

There are many great materials that can be extremely useful in a garden, such as mulch or compost.

Before paying out big money for these items, check if your local community has any areas where you can source this for a low cost.

Also, look to use your own resources, such as leftover food or garden waste and begin to form your own compost pile.

Some areas even have initiatives that are there to promote sustainable gardening and offer items such as these for free sometimes, so do your research and you could save on these vital elements of a garden.

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Garden Revamps with The Southwest London Gardener

If you’re looking to revamp your garden on a budget, then our team can help.

We can come and take a look at your garden and provide a detailed roadmap of the work we could do, and how we could keep the costs down as we do it.

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