The South West London Gardener

What is Urban Gardening?

Urban gardening has risen in popularity over recent years, and it is easy to see why. It is a practice of cultivating the garden space that is available to you in an urban setting. In most cases, this will be people’s back gardens and can include using planters and pots on hard standing areas, such as a patio or deck.

With more people now living in built-up areas of towns and cities, urban gardening is a way to allow them to do a bit of modified farming right where they live. It means that people can grow food crops to consume in urban areas instead of entirely relying on a farmer to supply them with food from a rural area.

So instead of planting back gardens with flowers, shrubs and trees, urban gardeners choose to plant edible plants such as fruit, vegetables and herbs that can be nurtured in their spare time. This can be harvested fresh for eating immediately or prepared for the deep freeze to eat later. The Southwest London Gardener can do regular garden maintenance to help ensure your urban garden is at it’s best all year round.

With so many allotment spaces being oversubscribed with very long waiting lists, urban gardening is an excellent alternative for busy people wanting to grow at least some of their own food in a highly convenient way.

Sharing surplus food

Because urban gardening can be done in front and back gardens, on balconies, in sun-rooms, indoor greenhouses, rooftops, or decks and patios, it is pretty easy for a keen gardener to plan to feed more than just themselves and their immediate family.

Urban gardening can be so successful that enthusiasts can often grow surplus produce that they enjoy giving to family, friends and neighbours. Many local city-based foodbanks also accept regular donations of surplus produce from keen urban gardeners!

What can urban gardening produce?

A lot of what an urban gardener can produce will depend on many factors, such as available space, topography, and the quality of light coming into the garden. So urban gardening may vary from area to area.

Plus, you can also factor in other aspects such as community gardens and the use of hydroponics or aquaponics in the process. Modern technology and urban gardening techniques can mean gardeners can rear chickens and breed fish as well as grown traditional fruit and vegetables. At Southwest London Gardener we can plant source for your urban garden.

Some urban gardeners have gone further than simply growing a few salad greens, herbs and peas in their garden and have gone into beekeeping, even keeping a hive on the roof of their house.

Beekeeping can help pollinate your urban garden and for producing delicious honey and valuable beeswax too.

Is urban gardening expensive?

You can make urban gardening as cheap or as expensive as you want. Raising fruit and veg crops can be done easily if you have the space and money to buy a heated greenhouse.

However, if you want to garden on a budget, you can use second-hand plant posts, used food containers for seedlings, cress, and herbs to keep costs down.

You can even use old tires, hessian sacks, barrels, buckets, old shoes and boots, watering cans, window boxes, or a cheap inflatable paddling pool that can be used to grow food crops, fruits and fresh herbs. The Southwest London Gardener can help with your soft landscape and hard landscape, working with trusted suppliers such as London Stone and Professional Traders Limited.

At a time of increasingly worrying food security, urban gardens can be a lifeline for many families and local communities.