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The Best Plants For An Autumn Garden

As your summer bedding plants start to dwindle and die off, you may be left feeling a bit sad. However, autumn is an excellent time for enriching your garden with seasonal colours. 

There are many deciduous trees, shrubs and climbing plants that you can plant that will give you a stunning autumn garden. You can watch your garden mellow as leaves change colour from green to red, yellow and orange. 

Autumn is also the time of year when many roses, climbing plants, shrubs and trees start to bear hips, berries and other fruits. So there is a lot to look forward to in an autumn garden, as long as you choose your planting wisely and plan your garden well. 

Best autumn garden plants 

Leading garden experts advise that when searching for plants, we should choose plants that would attract local wildlife to your garden, such as birds and beneficial insects. Here are five excellent plants that will look amazing in your garden during autumn: 

1: Sorbus ‘Autumn Spire’ (Mountain Ash). If you have a small garden, then this is the perfect tree for you. It has bright yellow berries that will attract birds to your garden, and the leaves turn from vivid green through red, purple and yellow during autumn, adding plenty of interest to your garden. 

2: Rudbeckia hirta. This eye-catching perennial delivers bright orange or yellow blooms and looks sunny and bright in your autumn garden. 

3: Verbena bonariensis. If you want something impressive to look at, you will love the tall, vivid purple flowers that draw bees into your garden. 

4: Buddleja ‘Monarch Blue Knight’ (Butterfly Bush). A universal favourite for putting on a showy display of huge purple flowers that are long-lasting and attract butterflies like a magnet. 

5: Helenium ‘Short ‘n’ Sassy’. A staple for an autumn garden that kicks in with late summer and autumn colour just as your summer flowers are going over. Both butterflies and bees love Helenium, so your garden will be buzzing with activity and colour as the weather turns cooler. 

Create a focal point in your autumn garden 

With your garden soil being perfectly warm from summer and moist from autumn rains, it is the best season to plant something that will give your garden a wow factor. 

Think about planting sedums because they can deliver the most stunning pink shades during autumn. These are hardy perennials and can practically take care of themselves but produce showstopping bursts of colour each year during autumn. 

Who doesn’t love heather? Choose Garden Girls heather to give you lots of low-growing shrubs that provide great weed cover in bare garden spots but also burst into amazing shades of white, pink and red from summer to the end of autumn. 

Hebes are another plant that comes into their own in autumn when other plants are dying back. 

Hebes look striking all year round but can become more of a focal point when other plant life is scarce. They are low-maintenance and easy to grow, producing swathes of pretty purple and white flowers throughout autumn.

At The South West London Gardener, we can provide plant sourcing to ensure you’re getting the right plants to suit your garden.