The South West London Gardener

Everything You Need To Know About Landscaping

Designing your garden for the first time can be confusing. Where do you start? Not only are gardens great for improving our quality of air and health. It’s also a great social space for friends and family. This is why it’s important to think about how you want the landscape to look and how you could put your own spin on it. 

At South West London Gardeners we can help you from design to implementation installation to help ease the stress and provide you with professional work. 

The Elements 

When researching for landscape ideas some people like to go to garden centres, social media or magazines for inspiration. The first thing you need to consider is the size of your garden and what is the purpose of your garden, is it an entertainment space? Is it to appease your gardening obsession? Once you’ve figured out the size and purpose you can start to sketch out some ideas and moodboards. 

South West London gardeners have a great design team that can help discuss the possibilities for your garden and create a design that’ll cater to your needs and maximise your garden’s potential. 


How much sun does your garden get? Which side does the sun rise and set? This is important to help determine where things should be positioned. For example, do you want seating placed in the sun or in the shade? Certain plants will need more sun exposure than others. 

Also location doesn’t just revolve around the sun, is your property in a safe area? Do you want more privacy and security? 

Where do you want everything placed? Are you interested in wall mounts, hanging plants and leveling? All these things need to be considered to get the most out of your garden space. 


Are you planning to do hard landscaping as well as soft landscaping? Thinking about the materials you’ll want is important. South West London Gardeners work with brick, block, slate, tile, stone, wood, railway sleepers, composite artificial grass and many more surfaces. This also includes watering systems, garden lighting and annual maintenance and repairments. 

Garden Edging 

Edging your garden can help make your landscape more structured. A natural garden edge can be easy to maintain and provide flexibility to change it if needed. 

The above are just a few things to consider when thinking of landscaping. Contact the team at South West London Gardeners and we can create a garden that’ll satisfy your needs.