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Why Gardening is so Popular in the UK

Gardening has always been a British favourite and has been increasing in popularity over a few years. However, the past couple years theirs been a huge insurgency in gardening due to lockdown and people finding new hobbies to enjoy.

Lockdown and the effects it had on gardening

Gardening had been a life saver for people in lockdown. The UK had experienced some lovely spring weather and being kept indoors wasn’t ideal. Gardening provided people with a sanctuary that could give them their daily dose of green.

With the use of YouTube Brits have turned to watching videos on gardening and have become addicted. Gardening had helped those who usually had an active lifestyle and needed to do something to channel the pent-up energy.

How gardening helps with health and wellbeing

RHS says gardening is not only aesthetically pleasing but it helps calm the mind and keep fit. Being out in nature has been proven to improve energy levels, mental well being and depression. Besides vibrant colours plants could provide but you could even grow food and herbs to save money on food shops.

However not everyone has a garden, but this hasn’t stopped people from growing mini gardens in their bedrooms. Charlotte Oglesby had created a mini jungle in her bedroom, claiming it provided her with a purpose.

London gardens and the benefits to the climate

According to a survey done by Lakeland Furniture, The City of London and Greater London have the highest in percentage of people who have no garden. This could be due to the city being too compact to fit gardens also with flats being the most popular in London.

However, there has been a boom in garden roofing. According to The Standard, London’s elevated green spaces now cover over 371 acres, beating cities like those in Singapore and Tokyo.

Natural gardens are great for the climate. Plants help improve our environment by protecting us for noise pollution also, cool us in extreme temperature and help against flooding. By planting trees, you can help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

At The Southwest London Gardener we can help with garden maintenance and soft landscaping to ensure you garden is helping you and your environment.