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Ten Qualities (Not Including Experience) That We Look for in a Gardener

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Gardening isn’t for everyone.

Some people don’t like the idea of getting their hands dirty and digging in. But for others, this is a dream job.

Here at The Southwest London Gardener, we are obviously biased, but we think gardening is the best job in the world.

We are always looking for new, exciting people to start their gardening career with us.

But there is a common misconception that to get a job as a gardener you must have experience.

This isn’t true, and that’s we’ve created this blog on ten other characteristics we look for when hiring new staff.

If you fit the brief, then maybe you could be the next member of our team.

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1. Patience

Gardening requires a lot of patience since it can take time for plants to grow and mature. Some jobs are quick, and take a couple of weeks, but some are six-month, long-term projects. You can’t rush nature, and therefore someone who is happy to wait for a while to see the fruits of their labour is perfect for this role.

2. Knowledge

Good gardeners have a solid understanding of many elements of gardening, such as plant biology, soil composition, different variations of flowers, and the different gardening techniques. This can mean you have a university degree or college certification or something as simple as someone who is keenly interested in horticulture, landscaping, and garden design and loves nothing more than taking in fresh information on these topics.

3. Organized

Organisation is a key feature when taking part in a successful project. In gardening, making sure you stick to a brief and stay on time and on budget are vital, so knowing what is going where and when to start planting, watering and fertilising is a good skill to have. Also, when designing a garden, knowing where you have planted and where still needs planting is key to not overcrowding or mixing up your plants and flowers.

4. Hardworking

Gardening can be physically demanding work, so a good landscaper is someone who is willing to put the effort it and work hard to create a beautiful and functional garden. One day you could be shovelling soil, sawing wood, drilling together garden furniture, and more. Plant pots, wooden beams, and stone pavers all need moving and laying so it can be tough, but if you’re someone who finds this exciting, you could be perfect for us.

gardener working on stratham garden

5. Observant

Gardening can be unpredictable. Let’s say you’ve laid a new lawn, but something doesn’t seem right. Or you are planning on adding a structure to a garden but the space in which you were planning to do this is looking limited. Keeping an eye on all aspects of a project is key to making sure it runs smoothly, and constantly checking your plants for signs of disease is key to stopping any spread and keeping your flowers healthy.

6. Creative

Gardening is not just physical work, it is also an art. A good gardener will have a creative flair and be able to spot great features that can burst a garden into life and completely transform a space. Garden design is a key part of any project, and providing the client with new and exciting ideas is always welcome when planning their new outside space.

7. Compassionate

We’ve already mentioned patience in this blog, but something that goes hand in hand with this characteristic is compassion. This is because to really put the time into your plants and flowers, and to nurture them from seeds to fully in bloom, you must care deeply about them and be prepared to work hard to see them blossom.

8. Resourceful

There are many different challenges that a gardener may face on a daily basis. Whether design, gardening, or landscaping, as part of a team you may be expected to dig in and help out every once in a while. This means that someone who is resourceful and willing to turn their hand to anything and try new things is sure to become a valuable member of any team. Before long, you’ll pick up skills you never thought you would need and become the perfect all-round gardener.

9. Experimental

Being willing to experiment and try new things is a great skill for a gardener to have. Trends are always changing in garden design, and it can be nerve-wracking to make bold and daring decisions with a client’s garden. These daring designs often turn out to be the best though, so if you’re willing to try new things, experiment with new ideas, and back your plans right through to completion, you’re sure to become a vital cog in the team.

10. Passionate

The final characteristic that we always look for in new recruits is passion. We want someone with the passion to get up in the morning and really want to make a difference. Someone who is excited to get their hands dirty and get stuck into whatever job comes their way. And finally, someone who does this for the love of gardening, and is proud and excited at the end of every project to see the final result. This is a key part of joining our team, and something that is vital to being a great gardener.

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