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7 Top Tips on How to get privacy in an overlooked garden

hidden bench in garden

Everyone loves spending time in their garden. When the sun is out and the sky is blue, there’s no better place to relax with an ice-cold drink and a book.

One thing that people can struggle for though, is privacy.

If you live in a built-up area, such as Twickenham and Wandsworth, you may have an overlooked garden.

Knowing your garden isn’t fully private can sometimes put people off relaxing in their garden.

Here at The Southwest London Gardener, we think everyone should love their outside space.

That’s why we want to give you seven top tips on how to get privacy in an overlooked garden.

Let’s go.

1. Fill Your Favourite Areas

Most people have their favourite spot in the garden.

It could be a quiet corner where you are tucked away from the world, or a bright spot in which you can squeeze every last drop of sun out of a summer’s day.

Wherever your favourite spot is, think about shielding it off from overlooking neighbours by placing plants around the perimeter.

It is amazing what placing some tall potted plants such as cypress or bamboo can do to shelter an area.

Focus on where you sit, and how you like to relax, and use decorations, fencing or flowers to make your area one that is well hidden away.

If you have a covered corner of your garden, think about setting up a seating area there where you can enjoy peace and quite in an area that is not overlooked.

2. Add Some Cover

If you have an area of your garden that you enjoy relaxing in that is right next to the wall of your house, why not add a canopy?

This can be a permanent fixture or one that can be wheeled back and forth to only be used when needed.

Having a canopy is a great way of ensuring you are hidden away from overlooking houses, as well as providing shade on the hotter days of the year. It can also be great for wet weather lovers, who can enjoy the sound of the rain in their garden without getting wet.

A canopy a bit too big for you?

Simply buying a parasol that you can put up to cover your favourite seat can provide you with more secrecy than you would expect.

3. Use Nature to Boost Your Boundaries

One thing that a well-tended garden is rarely short of is greenery.

If you are looking at ways to block neighbouring windows from a view of your garden, why not use the flowers, plants, and trees at your disposal to do so.

If you have a small fence, why not transform this into a wall of green by replacing it with a conifer hedge. It is sure to look great, whilst also minimising a neighbour’s view.

Amelanchier, magnolia and even a holly bush can be sculpted and shaped so as not to cause too many issues with lack of light for you and your neighbours, but while also providing a beautiful, environmentally friendly way of keeping your garden private.

If you already have a trellised fence in your garden, why not fill in the gaps with some climbing plants such as wisteria and clematis.

Not only great to look at, these plants are super quick growers (Wisteria can grow around 10ft. in one growing season!) and will fill your fence with nature before you know it.

Plants and trees are important in a garden, so try your best to use them as much as you can to your, and the planet’s benefit.

4. Embrace the Environment with Bamboo

Speaking of the environment, one of the best materials you can use in your garden is bamboo.

This super-sustainable crop grows quickly, and regenerates itself, making it one of the best renewable materials out there.

Not only great for the planet, but bamboo can also be great for your garden to.

If you have low fences, putting up a bamboo screen is a great way of giving yourself a little bit of privacy.

It couldn’t be more simple.

Head down to your local garden centre, pick up a roll of this magic material and bang it into your fence with some nails or screws.

It’s that easy to provide a spot of privacy in your garden.

5. Build the Perfect Pergola

Fancy yourself as a bit of a DIY expert?

Then why not try your hand at building a pergola.

There’s a reason these structures have been used since Latin times.

These airy, light constructions are a great way of building a shelter from overlooking windows that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on letting the sun in.

A pergola is like a canopy, but instead of being fully covered, beams are spread across the roof with space in-between. It is the perfect way to have some privacy without feeling like you are missing out on the sunshine.

Want a pergola in your garden?

Why not look to the experts at The Southwest London Gardener who can design and build your perfect garden hideaway.

6. Use Different Levels

Depending on the situation your garden is in, you may be able to hide away from neighbours by using different levels in a garden.

If you have some garden steps already in place, next to these could be an ideal spot to slot in a seating area that is out of sight of overlooking windows.

If you can slope your garden down and provide plenty of bushes and plants on the top level, then more often than not the lower you go the more out of sight you will become.

If the bottom point of your garden is the perfect sunspot, then you can’t go wrong with this method of how to get privacy in an overlooked garden.

Sound like too big a job to handle yourself, our landscaping team at The Southwest London Gardener would be glad to help.

7. Work With Your Neighbours

An important thing to remember is that most of the methods you are going to use may end up blocking sunlight into your neighbour’s gardens.

To avoid arguments, it is best to speak to your neighbours regarding any changes you are about to make.

Another thing to consider is instead of going as high and wide as you can, focus on the viewpoints.

Where is it that windows are overlooking your garden?

If there are only a few viewpoints, then aim to block these off with plants and bushes that don’t end up costing you too much light.

Make sure you keep your blocking trees well pruned and under control and focus on where you are planting or placing them to avoid any upset and disruption to neighbour’s gardens.

Final Thoughts

Everyone would like a private garden.

If you live in a city like London, or a small village, there is always the possibility of having an overlooked garden, but there are ways to minimise this.

Planting trees, building garden structures, and putting up blockers are all great ways of getting some privacy for your garden. If you would like some help designing your ideal garden in the Southwest London area, then get in touch today to see what our team of professionals can do for you.