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Why You Need a Garden Watering System for Your Outside Space

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When it comes to gardening, one vital aspect of the whole process is watering.

It sounds simple, but in fact, making sure all of the components of your garden are well hydrated can be a complex task.

There is the fear of watering too little, or too much, and sometimes when time is hard to come by, getting out and having a good sprinkle can be tricky.

If these issues sound all too familiar, then there is a solution, and that is a gardening water system.

This can automate your watering, ensuring every element gets the perfect amount of water. And the best thing? It does all of this while you’re sat inside, or out at work.

In this guide, we’re going to delve into just how this works, and if it would be right for your garden, so let’s take a look.

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What is a Garden Watering System?

A garden watering system is a framework built into your garden that spreads water to all areas that need it automatically.

There are two sources you can use here. You can either take the water from the mains, or a better choice is to incorporate a rainwater collection system and use this across your plants (this has many benefits, which you can see here).

These systems take the strain of watering your plants and do it all for you, not just making your life easier, but also ensuring that the perfect amount of water is used each time.

How to Install a Garden Watering System

There are two key stages to adding a garden watering system to an outside space, and they are:

  • Planning and Design – The first step is to assess your garden and work out exactly what it needs. This involves looking at the plants that need watering, and how much water each will need. The key in this stage is working out the most efficient way to get the water to the plants and planning it so it can blend into your greenery.
  • Installation – Once the plan is in place, installation can begin. While the system is complex, installation can be quick, with it taking on average a day for a mains watering system and two days for rainwater collection to be included. A team of installers plus horticulturalists will come and fit the framework, ensuring every plant is getting the water they need before the job is done.

A specialist team like The Southwest London Gardener have a real passion for seeing gardens that are fit and healthy, and that’s why we offer this service to households across London for a great price.

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The Key Benefits of Having a Garden Watering System Installed

It Controls Your Water Use

When designed and operated properly, a garden watering system provides a controlled approach to watering.

When doing this job manually, it can be easy to use too much water and you end up drowning your plants and raising your water bill.

You can also use too little and leave your plants feeling dehydrated.

Neither water wastage nor dehydrated plants are a good thing, so incorporating a system that provides the right amount in the right place at the right time can make a big difference.

It Provides Consistent Watering

Many of us live busy lives and finding the time to get out in the garden and give it a good spray is sometimes impossible.

The issue with this is that watering needs to be consistent. This is essential for maintaining steady soil moisture levels, which can lead to a healthy garden.

A garden watering system can work without you, providing a consistent spray that will keep your garden hydrated, no matter what you’re doing with your day.

This is great for your plants and can leave you feeling less stressed about getting out in the garden when you’re struggling for time.

It Reduces your Workload

The last point brings me onto this one nicely.

When time is of the essence, gardens can become neglected.

We’ve seen many people get in touch with us as their gardens have been left to overgrow, and in some cases dehydrate.

For someone who has a busy work and personal life, this is understandable, and this is why being able to tick this job off your list without any pressure or time consumed is always a good thing.

You can set timers and schedule watering so no matter how busy you get; your garden will always be healthy and hydrated.

It Can Be Good for the Planet

Efficient garden watering systems minimise water wastage, which is great for ensuring your garden is a sustainable and environmentally friendly place.

There are many wasteful practises that can easily slip into your routine if you’re manually watering, such as overspray, water runoff, or doing it at the wrong time.

An automated system can ensure all of these problems are eradicated, meaning less water is used, and that the water that is used is done so to maximum effect.

This is great for the planet and for conserving water, and also great for your water bill.

It Can Make You More Precise

If you are passionate about gardening, then you may have a heavy focus on precision.

This means knowing that every drop of water that falls on your plants is done in the most productive way.

A garden watering system can provide many great features that aid precision, such as being able to adjust water flow rates, scheduling watering for cooler times to reduce evaporation, and setting how long the water is sprayed for.

All of these can help you pinpoint the perfect formula for keeping your garden hydrated and can lead to a precise and productive watering process.

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Garden Watering System Installation from The Southwest London Gardener

If you’ve read the above and think a garden watering system may benefit your garden, then you’re in the right place.

Our team has expertise in not just installing the system but also can assess your garden, picking out the areas that need the most focus, and ensuring every element of it is healthy and hydrated.

Want to know more, or if you would like to discuss a project with our team, then get in touch today.