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Top 5 Best London Winter Gardening Hacks

With gardening booming over lockdown and now the lack of gardening resources/materials, a demand for gardening is at it’s all time high with multiple shortages occurring. However, there are still some things you can do to help maintain your garden during the winter period. Take a look at our list of hacks and tips.

Plant Winter Colours

Winter can be quite a dark and gloomy time of the year, especially with the days becoming shorter. But this doesn’t mean your garden has to look that way, there are various colourful winter flowers you could plant. At The Southwest London Gardener, we can help plant sources some winter plants for you, even help planting and advice you on how to care for them. Some winter plant varieties that can bring some life to your garden are, cyclamen, pansy, polyanthus etc.

Plant Spring Bulbs and Store Summer Flower Bulbs

You can plant some spring bulbs that’ll poke out in the warmer weather to indicate spring is here. You can plant tulips in November, if you have some good compost you can pretty much plant them anywhere.

You can also store your summer flowering bulbs and tubers to help them survive the winter. You need to make sure they’re completely dry before storage and check them regularly for any rotting or damage. These can be replanted next year.

Garden Maintenance

Take care of your lawn, make sure leaves are raked and your plants are pruned and protected. Garden maintenance is just as important in the winter than summer. Pruning is required for most plants to maintain a plants health. Hedge cutting, feeding and soil improvement are all very important to be on top of. At The Southwest London Gardener, we can provide regular garden maintenance for you and make sure your garden space is as healthy as possible.

Take Care of Your Gardening Tools

To avoid any rust over winter, make sure you clean them properly. Scrape off any mud off spades and forks. Also make sure to oil any metal blades on your tools before storing them away.

Keep Plants Warm Surprisingly there are ways to keep your plants warm. You should put any potted plants in a sack, these can be any sack padded with some straw or leaves to help keep the cold away. You can buy a soil warmer; this will absorb any sunlight and heat the soil with it.

There are a variety of plant covers that can help maintain warmth and protect your plants from the harsh weather. Do you need gardening services? We can help with regular garden maintenance and provide you with advice on how to best care for your plants.