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Wimbledon Gardening: Anyone for Tennis?

wimbledon tennis

Every year around the end of June, our local area of Wimbledon gets rather busy with tennis fans from across the globe.

Here at the Southwest London Gardener, we love watching the tournament and marvelling at the wonderful setting for one of the biggest tennis competitions in the world.

It makes us proud to be from the Wimbledon area, especially when we see the level of gardening on show.

From luscious green courts to flower displays throughout the grounds, there’s plenty to catch a gardener’s eye at Wimbledon.

But before we get into that, let’s take a look at how it all started.

Tennis in Wimbledon

When Wimbledon comes around, the UK tends to go tennis mad.

Whether marvelling at the dominance of the Williams sisters, enjoying the superior technique of Roger Federer, or cheering on our homegrown talent such as Andy Murray and Tim Henman, it’s a sporting event that brings the country together.

Over 25 million people watched Wimbledon on the TV in 2021, and over half a million people visited the site itself.

With a long list of celebrities, from royalty and sports stars to actors and (of course) Cliff Richard, it’s a great event to host in our local area.

Amazingly, it was in 1877 when the All-England Tennis Club held the first tournament that would go on to become Wimbledon, and it’s still going strong today.

As we watch the footage this year, one thing we will keep a firm eye on is the flowers that adorn the walkways, the perfect grass, and the beautiful green areas such as Henman’s Hill.

So, if you’re feeling as inspired as us, let’s see what gardening tips you can take from Wimbledon.

Making your Grass Wimbledon Ready

How Wimbledon Does It

The main thing people notice at Wimbledon is the lawns.

Always green, often with two-tone stripes, and always looking healthy, the grass at Wimbledon is cared for by a dedicated team to make sure it is perfect for competition.

After every tournament, the grass is stripped away, weeded, aerated, and finally the new lawn is planted.

There is a team that work on this grass throughout the year. Using seeds that are a mixture of ryegrass and fertiliser, the grass is checked regularly as it grows.

When it reaches full length, the grass is monitored, mowed, and weeded by hand.

And you can make your grass look the same.

How You can do It

Firstly, if you want to have the same length grass, then you should be setting your mower at 8mm.

If you are looking to adopt the two-tone approach, you may need to invest in a mower with a rear roller. As you cut the grass the roller will bend it, altering the way the light reflects off it.

What having Wimbledon-ready grass boils down to is constant maintenance.

Now we don’t expect you to hire out a dedicated team, and you may never reach the precise heights of centre court, but regularly making sure your grass has enough water, is mowed to keep it looking tidy, and pulling up any weeds that appear is sure to leave you with a luscious lawn.

Bringing some Colour to your Garden

The whole site of Wimbledon consists of 42 acres, so it’s a big job for Head Gardener Martyn Falconer to keep all of the plants looking bright and healthy.

If you love the floral style of the site, then luckily there are many ways you can bring it to your garden.

Some popular flowers picked out by Martyn are roses, hydrangeas, and petunias. The latter especially is the ideal Wimbledon flower, fitting perfectly in decorative hanging baskets. There’s no wonder there are over 15,000 of them planted throughout the grounds.

Trying to stick to the popular colour choices of white, navy blue and sky blue are sure to make your flower display fit well with the tournament.

Wimbledon is a celebration of flowers, so if you want your garden to look similar, don’t hold back on the planting.

As always, it’s wise to check each specific plant’s requirements. Placing your roses in a sunny spot, keeping your hydrangeas hydrated and regularly checking your petunias for pests is best practice for keeping your Wimbledon flower display looking healthy.

Whether climbing walls, filling planting beds, or decorating arbours, flowers are just as integral to the competition as strawberries and cream, so embrace your love for horticulture at this year’s festival!

Hosting a Wimbledon party

Now you have the garden, how about you get some friends over to watch the tennis?

Getting your garden Wimbledon ready can also mean creating the perfect environment for having people over for food and drinks during the match.

So, how do you do this?

Well, think about where you will entertain.

Do you need a decking area? Garden furniture? A spot for dining in the great outdoors?

Make sure your garden is looking tidy by installing plenty of good storage spots, as well as maintaining your plants and grass thoroughly.

If you’re planning a garden renovation, why not get in touch with professionals, such as the team at the Southwest London Gardener, who will design your garden to make sure it suits your needs to a tee.

Our Wimbledon Projects

This family garden that we designed and created in Wimbledon is the perfect place for entertaining guests, or enjoying some relaxation in the sun.

With a stunning central flower bed to act as a focal point, as well as Brazilian slate patio surrounded by a pergola that is covered in climbing plants, this Wimbledon garden transformation is one we’re really proud of.

And of course, there’s a touch of the tennis about this project, with the two tone grass adding the perfect finishing touch.

We also transformed this garden in East Sheen, providing space for the owner to work, as well as installing new fencing, sleeper-built planting beds and a dedicated dining area.

Looking for a Garden Transformation?

If you’re looking for a Wimbledon garden renovation, then get in touch with us today.

From hard landscaping to design, we can create the perfect outside environment for you this summer.

And if you’re based in the Wimbledon area and want to join the team, then why not take a look at our careers page?

We hope you enjoy the tennis!