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What To Consider When Building A Kitchen Garden in Towns Like Twickenham

Kitchen gardens are the best way to keep fresh vegetables and fruits coming into your kitchen. It’s increasingly popular in towns like Twickenham. When your garden is truly thriving everything you grow tastes incredible and cuts your grocery bills down.  

Here are some things to consider when growing your own kitchen garden.  

The Right Time  

The best time to grow your kitchen garden is early spring. The Southwest London Gardener can help with your garden design and soft landscaping to help get your kitchen garden ready at the best time. We can help you plan a kitchen garden that you can handle and is the right size for your garden and maintenance level.  

Best Position  

How much space and light level can really affect what you grow and how your veg/fruit grows. At The Southwest London Gardener we can advise you on the right veg/fruits that’ll work and how you need to maintain each plant. We can even plant source these for you.  

Decide On What To Grow  

There are so many vegetables and fruits to choose from but you need to think of the climate and what you enjoy eating. Only grow things you’ll use and enjoy. Start off small if you’re unsure and slowly increase in what you grow. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself.  

Prepare The Soil  

Ensure your soil is perfect for what you’re growing. One of the things to do is clear all weeds. If you’re unsure The Southwest London Gardener provides plant reconditioning and can help improve your soil and advise you on how to constantly keep your soil good. All types of soil benefit from the addition of organic matter to keep in moisture and nutrients.  

How To Layout Your Kitchen Garden  

Deciding on a garden layout can be difficult. You need to think about how much space you have, where the sun will hit and what each plant needs. Some veg and fruit require different things to grow and they all can’t grow together. The Southwest London Gardener can advise you on what needs what.  

If you think carefully about what you want and plant what you’ll enjoy, your kitchen garden will be thriving in no time. Especially with help from us! Get in touch with our friendly team at The Southwest London Gardener to see what we can do for you.  

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