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We are proud to support the sGD ‘Say ‘NO’ to Plastic grass and plants’ Campaign


We are proud of the fact that we are natural gardeners.

This means we are always looking to create gardens that are sustainable and good for the planet.

We love being outside surrounded by nature and wildlife, and are saddened when we hear some of the worrying statistics that are a product of the threat to our biodiversity, such as that over the last 50 years, wildlife population has plunged by more than two thirds.

We recently heard from the Society of Garden Designers who wanted to share with us the great campaign they are currently spearheading, telling people to say no to plastic grass and plants.

There are many reasons for this, including the fact it destroys natural habitats, contributes to carbon emissions, creates a flood risk, and more.

We were really grateful to hear about this campaign, and know that many readers of our blog are just as passionate about natural gardening as we are, so wanted to share it with you as well.

Want to know more?

Then check out their campaign leaflet for all the information on this campaign, and why it is so important.

say no to plastic grass & plants campaign