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Why Garden Maintenance is Important for Your Twickenham Garden

Having a garden can be a nice escape from the bustling Twickenham environment. However, if your Twickenham Garden hasn’t been maintained for months, it could be more of an eyesore.

Garden maintenance in Twickenham has increased in popularity during the pandemic, especially with the garden becoming the social spot for families and friends, as well as becoming a nice hobby. Find out why it’s important to have regular garden maintenance, especially in towns like Twickenham.

What are the benefits of garden maintenance?

Gardens are aesthetically appealing and pleasant for visitors to look at especially the front garden, how you maintain your garden can give the right impression of you, your family and your property.

Even if the garden is clean and tidy, you still need to make sure the soil is full of nutrients and your plants are getting the care they need. The Southwest London Gardener can provide a plant reconditioning service. They can ensure your plants are getting the right care and can advise you on how to regularly take care of them yourself. This will stop your garden from looking dull and wilting.

Having a garden is great for your mental health, especially when living in a busy area like Twickenham, having a stress-free area is essential. Being in nature can generate multiple positive emotions and has been proven to help lower depression and anxiety. Having a nice well-kept garden could mean you have a place to find peace right at home especially during COVID.

Creating a safe space

If you have children, having a messy garden could be unsafe. It could cause children to trip over weeds or even hurt themselves on the pricklier plants. When your lawn is mowed, and hedges are trimmed it reduces the risks of pests.

When leaves, fruit or seeds fall and left, it could become mouldy and attract rats and other vermin. This can be unsightly for any visitors you have.

Save Money

When regular garden maintenance isn’t done, it could lead to some serious damage. When a garden is overgrown several structures can be damaged such as wooden fences. Plants and weeds can grown in cracks and gaps in the walls leading to some costly damage. The Southwest London Gardener can provide regular garden maintenance which will cost you less than any structural damage if left.